Posted by: ritagone | January 20, 2010

A CA Transition Takes Place

News flash:  CA Welcomes Fairbanks as New President!

         That would have been the headline if we had made the newspapers with our transition from Linus Morris as President/Founder of CA to Rob Fairbanks as our second President on Monday, January 18, at the home of Michael and Rita Warren in Westlake Village, California.

There weren’t cameras flashing or news reporters trying to get the latest scoop.  (We did have Drew, the videographer, who works for my son, and he did a fabulous job recording everything important that was going on, plus some interviews for sound bytes from those who were here and enjoying the festivities.  You will be able to see a short “movie” version of the day which Drew will edit together and which will be shown at the Leadership Summit in Portugal in February and CONNECT in Germany in August.)  It didn’t make the 11 o’clock news at all.  It didn’t even make the 9 p.m. news locally.

But it was definitely newsworthy for those who were here to honor Linus and walk by his side as he moves into his new role with CA and to take up the cause and vision of our new President Rob Fairbanks.

First I want to thank everyone who had any part in planning or carrying out this event.  Len (Sunukjian) and Connie (Schuh), I would look for any excuse, any opportunity to form a committee again with the two of you and meet to plan and pray any event in the future.  There were people scurrying all over all day long, most especially my dear husband Michael.  He allowed me the opportunity to visit with people without worrying about the nuts and bolts of getting things ready.  He made a Costco run (with David Craig), husbandly duty above and beyond the pale.  To the ladies who brought desserts, to Ruth (Craig) for schlepping with me in the rain to get bundt cakes, to our French chefs Vanessa and Martin, thank you, thank you.

And to those who attended, who drove in Southern California downpours from distances which meant nasty freeway flooding and accidents (which always happens when it rains in our area, as we are mostly weather wimps) because they wanted to be there to participate in the day’s activities, to those who flew in because they love Linus and/or Rob and wanted to show that in concrete form, thank you.  Thank you for all the family members (Morris and Fairbanks alike) who were there to participate and give support to your dad/husband.  Thank you also to those who so willingly housed our staff in their homes so that we could spend less money for hotel accommodations.  Thanks also to all those who prayed so sweetly and asked for God’s blessings on these two men.  It was an honor to agree in our own hearts with your prayers and bring them to God in numbers that exceeded two or three gathering together.  To our musicians, Karli, Dana and Ed, thank you for lifting us and our spirits and allowing us to sing along with you and listen to you in celebration, to Drew for the footage we will have of the events all day and the interviews captured for posterity so that those who couldn’t be with us will at least see where we were and what we were all about, thank you.  I feel a bit like I’m giving an Academy Award acceptance speech, and I’m sure I will have forgotten someone (for which I apologize ahead of time), but I did want to take this opportunity – while the event is still fresh in my mind and the hearts of others – to say thank you while I can.

And now….we move on.

We have a new President, a new vision, renewed energy.  We still have needs: financial, staffing, logistics, recruiting.  Those haven’t gone away.  The world fights against the gospel, and that fight gets tougher and tougher.

But so do we.

So here’s what I’d like those of you reading this to do: pray.  Pray for Rob, pray for Linus, for CA, for staff, for the board, for next steps that God clearly brings to our hearts and minds.  Rededicate yourself and ask for new energy, new vitality, new ways of communicating the message of CA that has resonated so clearly for more than four decades.  Pray for the families of CA staff, that their hearts would be encouraged when they feel discouraged, that Satan would not gain a foothold in their households, that the possibilities of being a part of CA become endless and exciting for them.

And some things won’t change.  Rita’s Ramblings will continue every Wednesday until someone comes and rips out my computer and throws it to the ground screaming, “Enough!!”  I love being able to bring to you – those of you who are reading this and who have asked for whatever reason to be put on the mailing list – my thoughts and views about what is happening in CA.

So here we are, at the end of the first month of 2010, with a challenging future filled with wide possibilities.  Let’s go for it.           I’m in.  I hope you are too.  Together we truly are unstoppable, because greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world.


Regards and blessings, Rita


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