Posted by: ritagone | October 13, 2010

Get This Election Over With, Please!

I love my country, but I sure am embarrassed by it lately.  This current election campaign that ends November 2 is bringing out the worst in candidates, their campaign workers and what passes for ad managers.  The nastiness of ads on television is overwhelming.  I’ve never seen it so bad; it’s not even mud-slinging anymore.  It’s something far worse.  When did the candidates become so desperate to win office that they don’t care what they say or what they do to win the votes?  And when did the viewing public agree to watch and determine who they were going to vote for based on these ads?  And not object to the ads by complaining somewhere, but just sitting back and letting these horrid advertising spots wash over them like mud and debris?

Sexual prowess (or the lack of it), family dysfunction, political corruption, every aspect of someone’s personal life: anything and everything is fair game in this election.  And I suppose that’s probably always been the case.  But the depths to which politicians are willing to stoop now is what has reached proportions that are frightening.  These are the people – on both sides of the aisle, Republican and Democrat – who will be running our country?  These are the men and women we are being asked to entrust with our future?  I shudder at the thought.  I would rather turn over the reins of government to my grandchildren who, while inept, are at least well-meaning.  They are not mean-spirited.  They are not calculating.  And they are not willing to eviscerate another human being to be able to sit in the hallowed halls of the nation’s capital and call themselves protectors of the rights and freedoms of Americans across the expanse of this country.

And what continues to be problematic is while they are hurling these accusations and unfurling degrading commentaries about one anothers’ pasts in ad campaigns, what they are NOT doing is telling the voters what they are going to do if elected.  So we actually have no idea what each candidate does stand for, what we are being asked to vote for in terms of values and issues.  We are literally in the dark when it comes to what one candidate brings to the table over another.  All we know is what one candidate is being accused of and who’s more insidious than the other, depending on the latest ad you get to watch on television.

So I am ashamed.  Good taste and honest politics went out the window a long time ago.  No one’s fair.  No one’s courteous.  There are no gentlemen or ladies.  The dirt proliferates.

Whoever wins, the country loses.

And the sad realization is that there doesn’t seem to be any way to stop it.  The very people who make the laws of the land are the people who are doing it.  How frustrating is that?

I truly don’t know what the answer is.  If you are reading this and you have an answer, please let the rest of us know.  I’m wondering if there’s an island to be bought somewhere remote and quiet, where you can live in peace and harmony because you are all alone.  But then I know that that’s really not the answer, because, first of all, I can’t afford my own island, and secondly, I wouldn’t want to live like Robinson Crusoe even if I could afford to buy some exotic place in the South Pacific.  It sounds wonderful in the fantasy that plays out often in my mind, but in reality, no thanks.  The minute I ran out of Haagen Daz vanilla chocolate chip ice cream, what would I do?  And the bugs?  Forget about it.

So for right now, I’m grateful to be going to Russia for the rest of the month!  Whoever thought that going to Russia would be a solution for dissatisfaction with something in the U.S.?  Kind of like a mini-defection…only in reverse.  But seriously, at least because we’ll be gone from next Tuesday the 19th until right up until two days before the election, I won’t have to watch and listen to the trash talk for the next two weeks!  So the timing to do the marriage retreat in Ryazan that Michael and I will be doing is perfect in more ways than one!

I’d like to say “May the best candidate win,” but I’m not sure that’s even possible anymore.

There will be no Rita’s Ramblings for two weeks while we are in Russia.  I’ll resume on November 3.  Until then, please pray for us and the marriage retreat team and the couples (and singles) who will be attending the retreat, that God would meet everyone and really touch hearts and lives.

With much love to you all,  Rita

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