Posted by: ritagone | November 24, 2010

Enough, already!

If you believed everything you heard or read in the media (and you shouldn’t!), then the people searching for terrorists at airports aren’t really searching for terrorists at airports but enjoying their sadistic tendencies to manhandle men and women innocently on their way to Cleveland and all points west or east.

If you believed everything you heard or read in the media, then “Dancing with the Stars” is fixed, and Bristol Palin is going to win because there is a right-wing, Tea Party conspiracy to supplant Chita Rivera and insert Bristol as the nation’s top dancer because she is, after all, Sarah’s daughter, and what better way to snub President Obama and his liberal contingency.

If you believed everything you heard or read in the media, then every move and decision President Obama makes is designed to destroy this country, there hasn’t been a decent politician since George Washington (well, this might be true!), and everyone is out to get everyone else on Wall Street.

You know, it’s enough to make you stop listening to or reading the newspapers or magazines, or watching television or  listening to the radio.  Some days don’t you just want to turn it all off, walk away from everything and just scream, “ENOUGH!!”?

I know I do.

And today is one of those days.

I’m going to cook today.  I’m going to put my breasts in the oven and bake them because tomorrow I have 22 people who are coming here to celebrate and laugh and thank God for the good things in life.  I’m not going to watch the news, I’m not going to listen to so-called pundits or critics or naysayers today.  Maybe I will Friday.  But today I’m going to watch “Monk” reruns.  Or even several of the millions of old episodes of “Law and Order.”  Or listen to good music on my iPod.  Today I’m going to fix my green beans with diced onions and enough butter and whipping cream to send everyone into cardiac arrest.  I’m going to set my table and figure out where to put the children and how to seat the adults so that no one is left out of the conversation and everyone is comfortable with everyone else.

It’s Thanksgiving.  It’s a time to be thankful and to recognize that – no matter what, no matter who you’re listening to or reading via whatever medium – there is still much to be thankful for.

If you’re an American reading this, don’t you dare spend time today being negative or critical, because today is the warm-up to tomorrow, which is meant to be a thankful day, an appreciative day, a day when we know deep in our soul what it means to be aware of God’s blessings, even if you think those blessings are minute.  If you can find one tiny one, you be thankful for it.  No carping allowed.  No criticism permitted.

If you’re reading this and you’re not an American, consider yourself adopted.  Make today a non-critical day for yourself too.  Promise to be positive, and then practice it today.  Because tomorrow you’ll have to carry it out flawlessly, lest you ruin the holiday by osmosis.

And then, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.  Say that to someone today at least 20 times.

I’ll start today with you.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING.



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