Posted by: ritagone | June 22, 2011

Movin’ On!

I know it’s clichéd to talk about change and how much most of us over 40 (say) don’t like it.  But the reason clichés are cliché most of the time is because they are bundles of truth.  And saying that change makes people nervous and uncomfortable is probably one of the biggest clichés and most truthful statements around.
I don’t like change.
You probably don’t either.
And yet I’m going to embark soon on a change in my life.
I’m going to become an official blogger!
Yes, just what the world needs (you may be thinking): another blog site.  Another blogger.  Or maybe that’s just me thinking, as I have mocked and ridiculed bloggers for being self-indulgent and self-centered.  Who cares what a blogger has to say?  Oh, perhaps a few of them have relevance in our world, and they are worth tuning into and reading.  Yes, I’d read my pastor’s blogs, because I know he is a man of substance with a message, because I hear his messages every Sunday.  I would read Andrew Jones (tallskinnykiwi is his blog) because I’ve heard him speak and find him intriguing, and he’s stayed in my home and sat around my table and I’ve gotten to talk back and forth with him and pick his brain and I know he’s worth the time and effort.  Likewise a Tim Keller or a Rob Fairbanks (thedrum) or any number of other bloggers (there are, as I said, thousands upon thousands) worth your time or my time.  You probably have your own favorite bloggers whose words you look forward to and relish, whether they’re life-changing or just informative or creative or funny.
But me?
Come on.  Get serious.
I have been writing Rita’s Ramblings for a long time now.  It started out as a means for me as Chairman of the Board of Christian Associates to stay in touch with the board members of our tribe because we only met quarterly, and I felt that the rest of the quarter we were so far away from one another.  So I resorted to the medium that I knew best: the written word.  (Having a degree in English from UCLA has to be good for something, after all.)  And since I’m not a computer genius, email was the best method of transport for me to reach everyone.  And little by little over the years, Rita’s Ramblings began to reach a wider and wider audience as people asked if they could be put on that email list.  Now, mind you, it has never reached thousands or even a hundred.  But it’s flattering to have someone who gets it weekly tell you that a particular weekly writing was sent to someone else by one of the recipients because they were so touched or struck or intrigued by something I had said.
I even had the idea a few years ago to self-publish the Ramblings in book form and sell it as a fundraiser for CA, an endeavor which, I’m proud to say, netted over $4,000 for the ministry.  (I still have a few copies left or you can order it on Amazon if you’re interested under the title “The Truth of the Matter Is…I Have an Opinion on Everything.”)
So as the age of blogging grew and grew, there were people who kept asking me when I was going to turn the Ramblings into a blog.  Still, I couldn’t see the point.  And the more bloggers I saw in the blogosphere, the less interested I became to become yet another one.
But now, here I am.  Why?  Because I have been told that this is a good way to direct people to Christian Associates and our website, to promote the ministry that I so believe in.  Sold!  Hey, I don’t for one minute care about being read across the blogosphere…unless it means someone new might want to find out more about CA and what we’re doing in Europe and North and South America.  And also on the blogsite will be some links to other bloggers I find interesting and other links as time goes on and as I familiarize myself with the format and how to work it.  It’s a work in progress, and I’m learning something new every day myself.  I kind of like the challenge of it, I’m discovering.  And it keeps me out of the kitchen, so how bad can it be?
Author Richard Rohr wrote: “The familiar and the habitual are so falsely reassuring, and most of us make our homes there permanently.  The new is always by definition unfamiliar and untested, so God, life, destiny, suffering have to give us a push – usually a big one – or we will not go.”
Now I don’t want to overdramatize this in any way.  It’s not like at age 66 I’ve decided to become a neurosurgeon or anything like that.  It’s just blogging, for goodness sake.  But I’d love for you to come along on whatever this adventure holds in store, small or medium or perhaps even large.  You can continue to follow on via email for awhile or you can access the blog by going to
So that’s it.  Continue to read Rita’s Ramblings and enjoy it every week.  Maybe you and I will both learn something new.  And for a while I’ll keep reminding you that we’re making a move to a new site; we’re changing.  Come on, we can do it!  Maybe it won’t be so painful after all!
Continued regards, Rita


  1. Hey Rita, nice job. I thought I would comment to start that flow. Also, do you know how to insert links yet? In the post there were several opportunities to insert links. For example, when you mention my blog or CA, you cal highlight a link so folks can clip through.

    • Rob, Jenelle showed me on the day she set up the blog, but I went into overload. Have to go back and figure that part out. And refer to my notes. But yes, she was a good teacher; I was just a bad pupil and had brain farts. Good suggestion, though, and next time I will master it! Thanks!

  2. Just another opportunity to learn! 🙂

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