Posted by: ritagone | July 12, 2011

Prague and Other Places


Michael and I have made a decision over the last few days that next year, God willing, we’re going to visit this delicious city that so many have told us so many wonderful stories about.  In fact, many people we’ve talked to have described it as their favorite city in Europe, their favorite city in the world, the most beautiful city in the world.  Now, when you consider cities like Paris, London, Vancouver, and others I haven’t been to yet, that’s saying something!

So we’re going to spend the rest of this year gathering information about Prague.  If you would like to contribute your two cents, here’s an opportunity to do so.  Tell me something about Prague that you think we might like or enjoy.  A restaurant you’ve discovered, a secret, out-of-the-way walk that led you to a hidden garden or site that few others know about.  We are going to spend the next year or so collecting these great bits of information so that when the time comes, we will be able to put together a great three or four day trip to Prague, filled with events and excursions recommended by those who we know and trust.

Now, I must confess, my favorite country that I’ve ever visited in all of my travels is Ireland.  I love the people, love the countryside, and most of all, I would give anything to speak with that lovely, lilting brogue.  In fact, by the time I have left on my half a dozen or so visits to the Emerald Isle, I’m speaking with quite a bit of a brogue myself.  It just comes spilling out, and even though it’s rather stupid sounding, I love to think that if I just stayed a wee bit longer, it would be hard to tell me apart from Brenda Fricker.  (Sorry, she’s the only Irish actress I can think of.  You’ll have to look her up.)  So we’ve promised ourselves that this trip which will include Prague will also take us to Ireland again.  Killarney, Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Kerry.  The various bays and inlets and castles and rolling hills and the many, many pubs where you can listen to Celtic music and drink a Guinness and pretend that you were born just up the road.

And then we’re also going to include Italy in this vacation.  Several years ago we rented a villa for three weeks in Umbria, near Umbertide and Perugia, now made famous for the trial of American student Amanda Knox.  For three weeks our friends and family came to visit, we took day trips down to Gubbio and Assisi and Todi and found hidden family restaurants where we made fast friends of the mother and father and daughter who ran the establishments.  This time we’re going to a part of Italy we’ve never been to before and finding another place we can rent for several weeks, hoping to duplicate what was one of the sweetest vacations in memory.

But first and foremost, we will visit Prague.  We won’t try to learn the language, but we will read enough about the history to become familiar with what we’ll be seeing when we’re there.  And we plan on savoring every single minute of the trip, starting with this city and moving on to both Italy and Ireland.  We don’t know the order yet, but I’m sure within the next six months, it will all firm itself into a most glorious travel adventure.

So if you have something to contribute to Prague (or to Italy or Ireland, for that matter), please let me hear from you.

And continue to remember that in a few weeks, I will stop sending Rita’s Ramblings as an email so that it will be only accessible via the blog at


  1. I hope to visit there someday myself. I have heard it is wonderful.

  2. I loved Prague. The Town Square there is probably the prettiest I’ve seen and I’ve seen many (including Red Square with you). 🙂 Please do check out Cesky Krumlov, about a 3 hour bus ride south of Prague and in the Czech Republic. Rick Steves said you’ll probably book 2 days there since it’s a small town but you’ll want to stay 3 days. So my friend and I booked 3 days there and we loved it. Surrounded by a river, you can walk the town in about an hour but there is a charm there like no other. It’s small and sleepy enough to get to know the people. We stopped at the pizza place and hung out and chatted with the grouchy pizza maker while he created pizzas from today’s fresh ingredients. Had time to talk with the bookseller. Also made friends with the waiter at the restaurant on the bottom floor of our inn, leading to a memorable night. Walked the stations of the cross just outside of town, leading to a fabulous viewpoint of the town. I’ll put some pictures into an FB album and you can see for yourself how awesome the town is. 🙂
    Love you! Jacqui

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