Posted by: ritagone | July 27, 2011

Good-bye, Harry Potter!!

            What is it about the final Harry Potter movie that made me cry at the end?  Okay, I admit that I cry easily in movies where you’ve come to know and love the main characters as much as you have come to know and love not only Harry but Ron and Hermione.  After all, we’ve seen them grow up from little kids off to Hogwarts School for the first time to beautiful young adults, with their futures before them, whatever that may be.

            And even though I can’t really remember the early Potter movies because they were so very long ago (10 years ago, to be exact), I do remember that I – along with millions of other readers – found the J.K. Rawlings books to be mesmerizing when they first were published.  Mothers were thrilled that there were finally books that their children would sit and read.  (Of course, many Christian parents wouldn’t let their kids read Harry Potter books at all because of the witchcraft involved.  But that’s a whole other issue, not to be discussed today.)  So, for most of us, the last decade and more has been immersed in the culture of this young man who has been trying to find out who he is, what his position is in life, and what exactly happened between his parents and He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.

            And so I cried because finally…FINALLY! We came to understand it all.  We knew the connections between Harry and Voldemort,  everything was made crystal clear, and all the mysteries of ten years were cleared up.  And, more importantly, the burgeoning romance between Ron and Hermione finally came to fruition.  They kissed.  They held hands.  Harry approved.  The audience approved.  Who wouldn’t cry? 

            Now, this wasn’t nearly the emotional upheaval I experienced when I finished the last book in the Narnia series, “The Last Battle.”  As everyone was running up the hill to heaven, I, knowing I was going to be leaving these friends for the last time, was a wreck.  If there had been a way to crawl into the pages and join them, I would gladly have done so.  In fact, nothing I have ever read will ever compare to the emotional attachment I have to this C.S. Lewis series.  For one thing, I first read them when I had given birth to my daughter Dana.  I came home from the hospital without her, because in those days (some 39 years ago), when a newborn had jaundice, they sent the mother home and kept the baby under a light in the hospital for a few days for treatment.  So there we were, Michael and I, home alone, babyless, with nothing to do except lay around and read from the Narnia series.  And read we did, in between constant phone calls to Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital.  I’m sure the nurses hated me by the time we went to collect our daughter three days later.

            But during those three days, we read and read and read the Narnia books and came to love them.  Until the day I die, I will associate them with the joy and wonder of having given birth and then the trauma and fear of the separation from my infant, placing her in the hands of others, and most especially that very private intimate time with my husband, reading to one another about Lucy and Peter and Susan and Edmond and Reepicheep and Eustace and – the loveliest of all – Aslan.

            You never saw such weeping as went on during those three days.

            So yes, I wept at the end of the last Harry Potter movie.  But it was nothing compared to the weeping over Narnia.  And a baby that was in a hospital 25 miles away.

            If you’re having a fantasy weeping contest.

            Which you’re probably not.

            But boy, did I feel good when I came out of the theater where we saw Harry Potter.  So don’t tell me that going to the movies isn’t good for your soul.  And can’t be cathartic.  I was ready to take on the whole world after that.

            Now remember that I’m migrating to the blogsite  This is the last week Rita’s Ramblings will appear strictly as an email.  If you want to continue receiving my weekly ruminations, just go to that link and subscribe to the blog, and you’ll be notified weekly when the blog is ready to read.  Easy as pie.  Nothing to cry about.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.  Regards,  Rita


  1. I cried too. Great story, mom.

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