Posted by: ritagone | August 3, 2011

I Love Vacations, but…

I love vacations, but I don’t like coming home to stacks of mail, a to-do list that goes on and on, and so much stress that you need a vacation just to recover from your vacation.

Remind me not to come home from a vacation, will you, on a Wednesday, when I’m supposed to be blogging, when I have one day between a few important things coming up, when on Friday I’ve promised to keep my three grandkids for the entire day.  Maybe returning on a Tuesday would be better.  Less to do, more time to do it.  Or a Monday, with a full week to recover.  Or a Thursday, when the weekend is looming, so you can think about relaxing after you get everything done.

You know what I mean.

All of this to say, I’m not going to be saying much today in this blog.  You see the picture I inserted?  I don’t have red hair.  But other than that, that’s the way I’m feeling right about now.

So give me some time to collect my thoughts, and I might even surprise you with a blog before next Wednesday rolls around, and it might be stupendous!

Thanks for being understanding.  And now, back to item #48 on my list of errands!


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