Posted by: ritagone | August 10, 2011

Ready to Revolt!

Well, now I’ve about seen everything!

After two weeks of finger pointing and blaming that goes beyond anything I’ve ever seen in the worst schoolyard fighting in elementary school, when the debt ceiling crisis had – and still has – many concerned citizens in the United States on edge, worrying about their futures, when the credit rating company Standard & Poor’s lowered the U.S. AAA credit rating score for the first time in 70 years and the stock market went down over 600 points last Monday, August 8, to reflect that downgrade…

Oh, I could go on and on…

Where was Congress, you might ask?

Sitting at their desks trying finally to talk, to negotiate with one another, to burn the midnight oil because they want to make things right, to turn the ship around, to re-connect with their constituents, to earn back the respect of the American public?

No, no, no!

They’ve gone home!

They’ve gone on their August vacation!

Because, well, it’s August!  And that’s what they do!

Wouldn’t you?

If your house were burning and it was time for you to go on vacation, to catch that plane that you already had tickets for?  Wouldn’t you…just go?  If the family business you owned and loved were about to be repossessed by the bank but you had a previous commitment to take a trip, wouldn’t you just close the doors to that company and drive away, leaving it to fend for itself?  Wouldn’t you?

If it were up to me (and it isn’t, I realize, but I can fantasize, can’t I?), I’d find whoever has the keys to the doors to the Senate and the House of Representatives and I’d lock them so that when those  senators and congressmen and congresswomen who so desperately felt they needed a vacation came back in September, they’d find that they couldn’t get back to their desks.  “Sorry, you’re not welcome back,” the sign I’d have printed would say.  “You didn’t do much good when you were here, but the least you could have done was give up your month-long vacation this time to stay around during the crisis that you helped cause and try to solve the problems.  You ran out on the American people!  So stay out!  Go find a job at Wal-Mart or McDonalds and see about that month-long vacation then.”

Yes, I am mad.  I hope you are too.  Because unless we are mad enough to get rid of these incompetent people who are in office, we are going to go deeper and deeper into crisis and further and further away from solutions.

I don’t know who can help solve the problems, but I do know that they won’t be solved by men and women who go away for a month right in the middle of what could be a monumental crisis.  You wouldn’t do it.  I wouldn’t do it.  So why should our elected officials get away with doing it?

Entitlement has crept into every level of life around us, including our public officials.  Sure, they are entitled to vacations.  But certainly not while the country teeters on the brink of national crisis, and not for an entire month!  At least, in my humble opinion, not this year, for sure.  You would think that they would have thought about this before they left, business – or lack of it – as usual.  But they didn’t, which is, for them, business as usual.

Look around you, politicians.  We – the American public — are not happy.  Pretty soon you may be out of a job with plenty of time on your hands, and then you will be entitled to lots and lots of vacations.

The only method we have short of revolution is the vote to show these men and women that we are not happy with the way they are conducting government business.  I for one have decided that I will not vote – on general principles – for one incumbent on the ballot in the next elections.  That’s my statement of rebellion, my way of saying that I’m mad as hell and not going to take it anymore.  It may not do much, but it at least will make me feel that I’m doing my little tiny bit.  I don’t feel that anyone who is in office right now has earned the right to be re-elected, or at least anyone I am entitled to vote for.  (There is one guy, but I can’t vote in Wisconsin.)

There!  I’m done ranting.  Now I for one am getting back to work.


  1. Very well said, Rita, and way better than the piece you and I wrote on Tiny Tim way back when. Do you remember that? UGH!

  2. I think your idea of “locking the doors” so they can’t get back in come Sept. is great!!!

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