Posted by: ritagone | November 23, 2011

Why I Blog

“To be a writer is to bear witness to all that you have seen and heard, “ said the novelist Ellen Douglas.  When I first started writing Rita’s Ramblings quite a few years ago, it was meant to be a way to connect with the Christian Associates’ board members, since we only met quarterly, and in between those meetings, we would often have little or no contact with one another.  So, with my background in English Literature and my love for reading and writing, I thought I would jot down what was going on in my life, in my heart, and in my thoughts.  Gradually others came to ask to be included in the short writings.

Co-incidentally, the blog world was coming into its own at the same time.  Bloggers were springing up everywhere, in both the secular and Christian world, and more and more were being quoted, referred to and followed.

For those of us who fancy ourselves writers but who don’t want to go to the trouble of actually sitting down and writing laboriously every single day, blogging is a wonder.  And for those people with egos the size of Texas – those who believe that the world truly is waiting with baited breath to hear every single thought and word pouring out of their mind and computer – blogging is a life-saver.  Where else can you sit down and write under one thousand words and be read by hundreds or sometimes thousands of people in one fell swoop?  Where else can you attain to a following pretty quickly and find yourself admired and lauded?  It’s truly a narcissist’s dream come true.

But that’s not why I blog. (Dear Lord, I hope that’s not why I blog!)  It’s not why I write Rita’s Ramblings every Wednesday and send it out to those who have subscribed to it.  Oh sure, there is the satisfaction of frequently getting to vent, getting to write about what’s on my mind every week, and I’m not going to lie and say that there isn’t a great deal of joy and satisfaction that comes from that experience.  I like to speak my mind as much as the next egomaniac.

But as I said, when I started Rita’s Ramblings many years ago, it was initially a way to stay in touch with the small group of Christian Associates board members who met together only quarterly and unfortunately had little contact in between those meetings.  It was a method I used to say, “Here’s what’s going on in my life, and I hope that by writing something to each of you, we can touch base with one another and stay connected a little better.”  It worked, I think, rather well.  And pretty soon other people got wind of the writing and asked to be included.  There was no reason not to do so.  After all, it was flattering to have people want to read what I was writing.  So the list kept expanding via email.  People in the various Bible studies I was involved in, old friends, those who knew my love of writing and just plain cared about what I had to say.  (Some, like my husband, were coerced.  I admit it.)

And then it was suggested that if I blogged, there would be an even wider audience available.  And it wasn’t that I was looking for a wider audience.  But by then, as I said, the blogging world had developed, and I had seen the power of the short essay, the potential of its reach.  And so I agreed to have Rita’s Ramblings converted to a blog because I honestly saw that there was the ability to capture more attention for Christian Associates, something that I’m always interested in doing.  If a keyword in a blog I wrote could bring focus to the ministry, all the better.  And so about six months ago one of our associate staff who is well-versed in this kind of thing came out to my house and did what was necessary to change my email Rita’s Ramblings to a blog Rita’s Ramblings, and the rest is history.  I stepped into the 21st century, with the blog even attaching itself to Facebook in some mysterious way that if you asked me to explain, I absolutely could not do!

But it has proven absolutely true that strangers somehow have discovered my blog and come to read something about CA that perhaps they would not have had I not written, and that’s justification enough for me.  Friends have directed them to the blog, Facebook connections have worked to connect them, and thus has the blog become more and more effective to push CA further and further out into the world.

And so I’m happy.

Not because I have aspirations as a writer, mind you, because, frankly, I just don’t have it in me. Like many wannabe writers, I like the concept of “having written” as opposed to doing the actual sweat and work of writing.  Blogging, in fact, is right up my alley: short and sweet, easy to think about, prepare for, and fairly easy to deal with, satisfying to write and be done with.  That’s an honest admission of the responsibility of the writing endeavor of Rita’s Ramblings.

But the greatest joy it brings me is knowing that there is always the possibility – week to week – that someone will find out about Christian Associates and be touched by our ministry, will see God at work in a new way, will offer a prayer that wouldn’t have been prayed for the endeavors of our staff and the challenges that we face, and someone somewhere around the world will be blessed because I sat in my office in Westlake Village and wrote a few words and sent it out into the ether.

And speaking of blessings, it’s the day before Thanksgiving.  If ever there were a time to think and speak of blessings, this is it.  Wherever you are reading this, whatever you are doing right now, thank you.  Thank you for being a part of my world.  Thank you for blessing me in this way.  And I pray that God’s blessings in return would pour out upon you and your family on this holiday that causes us to stop and think about why we are grateful and exactly what we are grateful for.

Happy Thanksgiving from my house to yours, wherever your house may be.


  1. Rita, you are a blessing to me and so many others. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your life in this way. I get a laugh some way or another when reading your posts.

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