Posted by: ritagone | January 25, 2012

Give Me a Hand…

Today is a very short Rita’s Ramblings because I do not have the full use of both hands.  Monday morning I had surgery on the ring finger of my right hand to correct what is commonly known as “trigger finger,” a malady in which the tendon running horizontally across the palm of your hand gets caught up with the tendon going vertically to the particular finger, causing the finger to contract uncomfortably at times.  This means you have to almost manually unbend it to correct the problem, and it’s very annoying, to say the least.  When the problem is severe, the finger stays bent so that it is unuseable.

Sometimes the problem goes away on its own.  Often a cortisone shot into the site of the problem tendon area can correct it, although that shot hurts something fierce.  But many times it takes surgery – what is commonly referred to as minor surgery! – to correct it.  (They say minor surgery is surgery that someone else is having.)

That’s what I had Monday morning.  The good news is that the problem was on my right hand and I’m left handed.  The bad news is that you still need two hands to type at your computer.  So even typing this is a struggle: I make mistakes, I have to go back and slowly correct myself, and what should normally take half an hour winds up taking three times as long.

There are always lessons to be learned: when you can’t use a body part, any body part, you begin to cherish it rather than ignore it.  I don’t usually think much about my right hand (or my left, for that matter), but right now, I can tell you, it’s on my mind a lot.  I had a local anesthetic for the surgery, an injection right into the site, and when the numbness wore off, the next morning, my right hand was very, very sore.  No wonder!  During the surgery, I could feel the pressure as the two doctors – both specialists in hand surgeries – pulled and poked and prodded.  It’s amazing what the human body is subjected to in a surgical procedure.  And this was a minor one at that!  The operation was a success, I’m told, but right now I can hardly move or wiggle the fingers of my right hand.  In a few days it will heal and all will be well, and the trigger finger will hopefully be a thing of the past.

And so, my right hand wrapped like I’m going 10 rounds with Rocky Balboa, I’m going to cut this week’s Rita’s Ramblings short.  I’m sure you’ll understand.  I’m going to thank God for the body He gave me and the parts that work smoothly and successfully without my even thinking about them.

So next week I’ll be back with something more to say and the full equipment to type my message.  And a thankful heart.


  1. Great blog today. Hope your recovery is faster than expected so you can be back at the keyboard asap. Kim

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