Posted by: ritagone | May 9, 2012

Europe, Here We Come!!

At one time I took a firm position that blogs were overdone, that there were just too many of them.

Now that I am a blogger, and now that I see that people actually do read them and gain great insights from them (not necessarily from mine but from the thousands that are out there being read every day), I’ve changed my mind.

My blog this week is going to be short and sweet, and then you’re not going to hear from me for two weeks.  I’ll tell you why, because I know you’re already upset and probably grieving at this news.  It’s going to be short and sweet because this Saturday Michael and I leave for a European vacation, flying first to Prague, a city in the Czech Republic which neither one of us has ever been to.  For years we’ve heard, “You must go to Prague; it’s not to be missed,” or “It’s the most beautiful city in Europe, bar none!”  How could we resist?  So last year Michael said to me, “Could we take a vacation to Europe and make it a true vacation, with no Christian Associates business at all?”  It’s not that he objects to CA work; my goodness, the man’s a saint when it comes to the ministry of CA and letting me do “my thing.”  Ask anyone who’s around our house when it’s board meeting time: there’s Michael, helping out in any way he can.  He gives financially, he gives socially (by this I mean with glasses of wine and fellowship with many CA staff, sitting around our patio and schmoozing), and he gives by feeding and serving the many people who stay with us so often, which brings us both great joy.  So when he said he just wanted a vacation, pure and simple, of course I said yes.

Then came the decision to go to Prague.

Next we decided that we’d each pick a country we love to visit.  Michael picked Italy.  I picked Ireland.  So it’s a strange itinerary, granted, but we love it, because it’s so personal to us.  We’ll start off with four days in Prague, then wend our way westward to Santa Margherita in Italy on the Mediterranean coast near Genoa, then wind up in Killarney, in the Republic of Ireland.  Then home after two weeks away.

Yes, I could most likely write something while I’m gone.

No, I won’t.  I’ll try to post some photos with my iPhone onto my Facebook post, but don’t expect a lot.

I’ll be on vacation with my husband.

And here’s the good news: there are thousands of great blogs that you can read while I’m gone.

Just don’t get too attached to too many of them.

I’ll be back on May 30 with lots more to say!  Because that’s what we bloggers do!


  1. Safe travels. I’ll be eager to see photos!

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