Posted by: ritagone | November 7, 2012

A Little R&R

“Stop and smell the roses.”

“Stop and watch the geese.”

Same meaning.  Different objects to illustrate the meaning.

Sometimes you just need to stop.

There’s too much going on, even though it’s important stuff.  You need to take a breather, relax, get your feet back under you, gain your perspective once again, talk to your husband without the phone constantly ringing or interruptions of various kinds, mentally and emotionally.

It’s been an “interesting” two weeks.  Lots happening.  Some of it good, some of it great.  Some of it, as happens in life, fraught with tension and trauma.

All of it shepherded by God.  None of it impossible to navigate.   But all of it very time and energy consuming.

But sometimes you just need to gather what limited wits you have about you and get a different perspective.  Watching geese fly across the river helps me do that.  We don’t have geese in Westlake Village where I live.  We do in Idaho, where we are fortunate enough to have a vacation condo that sits right on the Spokane River.  Michael and I have postponed our trip up here once already, because it’s always complicated to make this journey.  It was right on the heels of our trip to Russia, in September, and I wanted to stay home, to nest and settle in after being gone on what was a wonderful but stressful trip.  Then we re-booked our tickets for early November.  Surely nothing would be happening then!  And as the date approached, wouldn’t you know it:  all kinds of things started happening.  There were CA issues that arose.  Personal issues:  Who will take care of the dogs?  It’s worse than taking care of children.  (Well, maybe not worse, but AS bad.)  And that feeling I always get before traveling: I’d just like to stay home.  It sweeps over me no matter where I’m going or why.  I don’t want to go.

But Michael did want to go, so that had to be good enough for me.

And now we’re here, and boy, am I glad!  Because those geese flying north this morning were like the proverbial roses that you are supposed to stop and smell.  They reminded me to just look around and take a deep breath, to unwind, to relax.  It’s quiet here, deathly quiet, and that’s nice.  No traffic noises at all, only the distant whistle of a train at regular intervals.  The building seems desolate.  The parking lot is all but empty.  No one will bother us here, that’s for sure.  We can come and go as we please.  It’s crisp and cold and dreary, unlike the 90 degree weather we left in Southern California.  It’s a wonderful change of climate for us.  We hope it pours rain, that we’re rained in with plenty of food in the pantry and a big window to watch it from.

Oh, I’ve got my computer and email.  And we’ve got TV.  Don’t get me wrong.  I never want to be THAT isolated and cut off.  Michael can turn off his Jitterbug phone and not check email for days and be happy.  Me, I’d go crazy wondering who was trying to contact me because, as we all know, the world can’t go on spinning without my intervention.  Call it a sickness.  Call it narcissism.  But there you have it: an honest admission of the inability to disconnect totally.  This is the best I can do: watch the geese and sit and sip a cup of chai tea latte and be still with my own thoughts and a good book.

For about a week.

And then, I need to get home.  Because I get stir crazy.  But that’s another story for another time.

For right now, I’m quiet and I’m loving the honking of the geese as they go…where?  Canada?  Home?  Wherever that is, it’s a thing of beauty and serenity and marvel to watch them fly in formation across the sky, framed in the window.

And that’s exactly what this week is all about.


  1. Your rambling today causes me to allocate just a few minutes of my day to step outside, stop, and smell the geese.

    Bless you,


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