Posted by: ritagone | December 19, 2012

From Georg Ludvig to George I

In 1714,  Georg Ludvig of Hanover was crowned King George I of Great Britain.  It was an unlikely succession.  He was 52nd in line to the throne of England and, at age 54, the oldest person so far in the history of the British monarchy to inherit it.  And he was German, not born on British soil, which was not a deal breaker back in those days, but Germany was rather far away even by the standards of the times, when Scotland was about the distance one went to find a monarch for the throne of England.    But he did have the one thing in his favor that mattered – he was a Protestant in a country that was so fearful of Catholicism that it had even passed a law forbidding a Catholic to attain the British throne.

But 52nd in line?  Surely that was far enough back that Georg Ludvig was unsuspecting that he was going to become the next monarch when Queen Anne died.  After all, 45th in line may have been a dude in the country who grew roses for a hobby!

Talk about surprises!  Talk about having something unsuspected happen to you, something out of the blue that you couldn’t anticipate.

Sometimes your life and mine is like this too, maybe not on the scale of becoming the next king or queen of England (probably not, I’ll wager), but surprising and unpredictable and unlikely for you, and just as disturbing or offputting as it was for Georg Ludvig, (pronounced, I’m told, Gee-org, until it was Anglicized it to George to make him more palatable to his British subjects).

We’ve seen the unpredictable in a horribly disturbing way in the last week, haven’t we?  But I don’t want to cover that ground again, because I think the media has landed there for so long and so intensely that we’re all drained by it.

Instead, I want to stay with the way our lives take unlikely twists and turns in an everyday manner that is not life-threatening or frightening but can often be upsetting anyway.  Something goes wrong with the car, a job is lost, a relationship goes awry, none of this is expected or anticipated, which makes it all the more difficult to manage.

How do we cope then?  Life is full of negative occurrences such as these.  They are unavoidable unless you want to live under a rock, and even then, there’s the danger that one day the rock will not be where you expect it to be, might just lean far too much and fall over on you, or will take a turn that you didn’t anticipate, and adjustments must be made.  So there’s no getting away from the obvious fact that a degree of flexibility and deftness is required to maneuver through life.

I think this is why God tells us so often and so strongly in Scripture that He’s there for us.  A constant reminder is necessary to keep before our drifting minds that He doesn’t…drift.  That when the unlikely or the unanticipated happens to us, He knew about it.  He wasn’t taken by surprise.  Most of the time we want to be in control of things; at least, I do.  And I think you’re probably a lot like me.  And so, control freaks that we are, we get not a little crazy when something not in the script, not planned, not scheduled is allowed to disrupt our plans and our procedures.

That’s when we have to rely on God even more, or at least when we should.  It’s a good thi

George I

ng He’d do almost anything to get us to do that relying.

I like to imagine that Georg Ludvig had quite a shock when messengers showed up at his home in Hanover, Germany, to inform him that he should pack his bags and move his retinue to England, that a crown and throne awaited him and adventures he had only dreamed of before his whole existence changed forever.  After all, there were 51 other candidates standing in line ahead of him to sit on the British throne.  The odds were probably as good as winning the lottery.  Go figure!

So look around you today.  Where does God have some unexpected, unlikely place for you to go, experience for you to participate in?  And how will you face it?  I can promise you that you will be able to face it – good or bad – much better when you let Him walk along with you.

This is my last blog before Christmas and New Year 2012.  It has been a pleasure and a great joy to share the last year in writing with you.  I hope that your holiday season is filled with wonderful family times and gifts of laughter and love, the only gifts that keep on giving.  Well, maybe a new iPad mini too!


  1. I love your “ramblings” and am thankful for your wise words! Merry Christmas to you and your family. Many blessings….Gail

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