Posted by: ritagone | December 26, 2012

Truths for the New Year

Something profound and honest to end the year, don’t you think?

So I’m borrowing from my friend Dudley Callison, who sent me this list he read in Richard Rohr’s book “Adam’s Return,” five truths you can set 2013 by:

  • Life is hard.
  • You are not in control
  • You’re not that important.
  • Your life is not about you.
  • You are going to die.

Which of these would you argue with?  Certainly not the first one.  Look over the last year, for example, and you’ll see 12 months fraught with tragedy, horror, destruction, disagreement, contention.  And those were the good days.  Then the media couldn’t let go of anything bad so that we were assaulted day after day, hour after hour, with every single negative thing that went wrong.  It got to the point that I turned off the news, both network and cable, and just stopped watching.  Call me an ostrich, but I enjoyed burying my head in the sand.  I know life is hard; I don’t need to be reminded of it relentlessly.


You are not in control.  And of course, closely linked with the truth that life is hard is the reality that you and I are not in control of much of it.  You never know when the rug will be pulled out from under you, so best be prepared.  You know the old saying that we should live each day as if it were our last?  I think that’s a good motto to live by.  And becoming more and more of a reality each and every passing year.


You’re not that important.  Who, me?  Who says?  The universe says.  Life says.  And that’s fine with me, or at least it should be.  Sometimes it’s not that easy for me to grasp, because I feel like the whole world revolves around me, or at least it should.  So I have to take a step backwards and realize that I truly am not that important.  At least not to anyone other than myself, my immediate family, my closest friends, and perhaps one or two significant people on this planet.  (At least I’d like to believe I’m important to the previous list.)  The rest of the world can get by just fine without me.  Rather than being hurtful, this truth is actually quite freeing.  It means I can move along, live my life, and understand the truth that – if each one of us understood this – everything would be a bit easier to deal with.


Your life is not about you.  Well, if it isn’t about me, then who is it about?  Fair enough question.  And the answer is: it’s about everybody and anybody else.  Because if you make it about you, what a horrible, stultifying life you will live.  Because, remember, you’re not that important!!  See above paragraph.  So, instead, find some people and some causes that are outside of yourself.  Good causes, worthy of your time and effort.  And then throw yourself into them.  It’s not too late.   You’ll be amazed at how interesting your life can be when it’s not all about you.


You are going to die.  But I bet you already knew that.  However, sometimes we live and act like this isn’t true, so we need to be reminded.  So…consider yourself reminded:  YOU ARE GOING TO DIE!!  I am going to die too.  In fact, this is a surety for all of us human beings, barring the return of Jesus Christ.  So, live in the light of that truth, because, if done the right way, it can change your daily behavior and focus.  Smell the roses.  Do a good deed.  Make the day count.


So, with these five truths in mind, I want to wish everyone reading this a healthy and joy-filled Happy New Year.  May 2013 be a year in which wars are averted, souls are won for the Kingdom of the Prince of Peace, and we wind up on December 31, 2013 much better off than we are today.


Let’s meet back here in a year to compare notes!



  1. I think we are important. Not just to family and friends and the people we impact but we are important to God. We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. That makes us very important.

    Michael Warren

  2. Yes, these points are so true, yet I sometimes think I do not want to go through the suffering that often accompanies the death experience. On the other hand, I want to experience all the glory that will come with the resurrection and our new perfect bodies when Christ returns for His people.

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