Posted by: ritagone | August 14, 2013

The Whirlwind




Every once in a while life becomes a literal whirlwind.

Normally my life with Michael is pretty staid: we read, we go out to dinner with friends, we entertain our grandkids by the pool, we watch TV and we go to bed.  During the workday, I am at my computer watching the stock market, Skyping with CA associates, breaking for lunch with either my husband or friends, generally speaking.  When the market has closed and I’ve settled my spreadsheet for the day, I relax.  I watch a recorded program.  I read.  That’s my quiet time.  I doze off while watching a recorded program or reading.

I love my life.

About a month ago, life became a bit more hectic, and my schedule went into hyper-drive.  It began with the Christian Associates board meeting in July here at my home, always fun but also just a little bit stressful, what with everything connected to it in the way of social activities and what needs to be done.  The next day after the board meeting I flew up to Spokane, Washington, and was picked up by my husband (who had already driven there), where our family vacation commenced.  It was a wonderful week of family time with kids, grandkids, seeing friends up there in Idaho and hanging out.

We (Michael and I) drove home with our puppy Watson, two days worth of driving which I found a bit unpleasant because I just wanted to get home.  (And because it was boring desert, and because we had a dog in the car with us, and because the roads had so much construction going on, and on and on…)

Three days later, after unpacking and repacking, we took off for Budapest, Hungary, for the CA Connect conference, flying first to Frankfurt, sitting in the airport for five hours waiting for our connecting flight to Budapest, and then arriving at our destination.  We spent four days at the conference enjoying old friends and new, really glad we had gone.  Then we left the conference site and taxied to the Marriott Hotel in the city center of Budapest and spent three days on our own, sightseeing in one of the most beautiful and interesting cities of Europe.  Again,we loved it and were very glad we had decided to spend a few days seeing the city after the conference.

Then we flew home, certain that the distance had been stretched to twice its length on the return.  We went to a wedding, we settled in to our home, we saw friends at church.  Then we drove down toward San Diego (Solana Beach, to be exact) to spend the afternoon, evening and stay the night with Michael’s nephew and his wife who were vacationing there in a lovely condo overlooking the ocean.  We sat and talked for hours and hours, catching up on our lives and our families and everything you can talk about.  It was delicious.

Then we came home.

Later that evening, some dear friends from CA arrived to stay with us for two days, along with their five year old son and two twelve year old girls.  There was a dessert on Tuesday night to allow these dear missionaries the opportunity to raise their support as they do the work of the Lord in France.  It is a privilege to be a part of their ministry in a small way, and a joy to spend time with them, even if only for a few days.  This morning they left to explore Los Angeles and see other friends in Orange County and San Diego.

So we’re changing sheets and doing laundry and picking up the house.  In our backyard, artificial grass is being installed, a wonder to behold.  There are workmen everywhere, buzzing with activity.  A new fence is going up so that the dogs will have their own grassy area (real grass) in which to do their business.  Things are humming around the Warren household, all right.

Oh, by the way, I have jury duty next week.  I postponed it from a few months ago because I thought life would be quieter now.

I was wrong.

I’m looking forward to a week when nothing is happening, when I can curl up in the comfy chair in my office with a good book to read and nothing going on around me.  I love doing this, and you won’t hear me vocalizing that I experience remorse or guilt over relaxing in the afternoons (or mornings, for that matter).

This is the ebb and flow of life, I suppose.  I’m glad I am able to enjoy it all.  But I sure am ready for that comfy chair and that book.

Especially when I look back over the whirlwind of the last month, I feel that relaxation is completely justified as compensation for the craziness recently experienced.

I’m happy to be busy, but I’m happy when the busy-ness ends and there’s plenty of free time.  That kind of ebb and flow makes for a balanced life, if you ask me.

So now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch an episode of a British detective series that I recorded last month and have been dying to see!

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