Posted by: ritagone | September 4, 2013

Short and Sweet




My son tells me my blogs are too long.

         We live in a culture where to be read or even appreciated you have to keep it short and sweet, simple.

         So this blog today is short, sweet and simple.  This is for Matthew.

         It has been said that “the key to any relationship is to understand clearly what the other person wants. This is true whether that person is a spouse, an employee, a boss, or a friend. It is a task that is made more difficult by the fact that many people don’t truly understand what it is they want, or have many wants that contradict or compete with each other. But that difficulty does not lessen the importance of understanding those wants, both within yourself and within those people that are most important to you.”

         What do you want?  The question is easily asked but not easily answered.  What the previous paragraph is saying is that we are not so good at understanding exactly what it is we even want, much less going after it.  Which makes everything even more complicated.  And then, when we try to discern what our spouse wants, what our friends want, what our boss would like, life gets even more complicated.

         Is it any wonder that introverts pull further into their shell?

         Is it any wonder that extroverts run themselves ragged trying to figure this out?

         What do you want?

         A simple question.

         But no simple answer or answers.

         And there’s the rub.  If we don’t know what we want, how can we ever go about meeting our own needs, much less anyone else’s?

         The answer is: we can’t.

         I said this was going to be short.  I guess I spoke falsely about the “sweet” part.  And neither is it simple.

         But it’s something to ponder on this first Wednesday of September, and I do hope you’ll give it some thought.


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