Posted by: ritagone | September 25, 2013

Deeds of Kindness


Sometimes you teach a lesson that has more impact on you than it does on those listening to your teaching.  That’s the benefit of stewing in the material for weeks on end, reading and thinking about the topic, pondering the consequences of what you’re going to talk about, and finding good stories and illustrations to make it come alive.

It winds up coming alive in your own heart and life.

Not a bad thing.

It’s actually one of the reasons why I love to teach, and why, when people commend me for teaching, I smile mysteriously to myself and think, “You have no idea where the blessings flow.  They flow back to me too.”  Maybe that’s God’s way of keeping us at the wheel of our gifting: allowing that gift to benefit ourselves as well as others.  If that’s so, I think God’s pretty clever, because whenever I tackle a new topic to teach, I’m always tingling with anticipation for what I’ll learn, and for how it will change my life as well.

So this Thursday at the womens’ Bible study at church I’ll be talking about deeds of kindness as we pursue the overall theme of growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.  Deeds of kindness that we perform toward other people, consciously, deliberately, making them a part of our daily landscape and “to –do” list.

And you know, studying and thinking about this subject for the last months as I have been doing, it’s worked!  I’ve become much more aware of how I can reach out and do little things all day long as I move through my schedule, a helping hand here, a word or action there that can make someone else’s day a bit easier, a smidge nicer.  Nothing that will make the headlines, no deed overpowering or so ostentatious that it demands too much attention or reciprocity.  Just random or selected acts of doing something that might have slipped past me months ago because I wasn’t paying attention. But now I am.  That’s the difference.

In a world so often decimated and damaged by random acts of savagery, that ubiquitous bumper sticker “Practice Random Acts of Kindness” has taken on more meaning than ever.

Try it.

Be kind to someone – or two or three someones – today.  Deliberately take the time to do something for someone that will make their day a little happier, a bit better.  See how it makes you feel.  I guarantee you that the one who is blessed is not just the person on the receiving end of your act of kindness.

Gee, maybe Jesus was right when He said that we are to “do good…expecting nothing in return…” (my little ellipsis of Luke 6:35 in the ESV).

Maybe this really is one amazing way to be blessed in this life!!


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