Posted by: ritagone | October 2, 2013

Walk Away




I’m coming to the watching of the TV series “Breaking Bad” rather late, having just started with  Season 1 about a week ago and finding myself now in the middle of Season 3.  But I’m loving the show for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that its writing and producing staff seemed to have made a choice not to use the “F” word in every sentence of the dialogue.  “Lazy writing,” my husband calls the use of language that is so riddled with vulgarity that eventually your ears feel assaulted.  So I appreciate the fact that – even though given the characters and the nature of this show it would be easy to do so – the ubiquitous word makes only a rare appearance.  There’s also not a lot of gratuitous sex, something I can also do without when trying to stick to the story and the plot.  These factors alone make “Breaking Bad” somewhat unique among other successful and well-done cable shows, both current and past.

But there are many other reasons I’m fascinated by “Breaking Bad.”  The acting is stellar.  Believable portrayals of people in the midst of sometimes not so believable situations, nevertheless I’m mesmerized by their choices and their actions, what they keep opting to do next.

And one of the things they never seem to do is…walk away.  Just turn away and flee.  Decide to stop doing what they’re doing, realizing that they have chosen a bad path, and that the only way to remedy it is to change course altogether.  Walt White had so many opportunities to walk away; so did Jesse.  Even lesser characters throughout the seasons of the show blew it when it came to walking away.  Oh, they do it temporarily, but always something lures them back into the destructive and dangerous meth cooking that inevitiably will lead to their downfall.

And so it is with us in the real lives we’re living.

I’m doing a study about sin, how to hate it and forsake it.  These are all synonyms for walking away from it, from looking at an opportunity to sin and saying, instead, “No.”  “I’m out of here.”  “I’m walking away.”  From big sins such as adultery, when walking away from an affair is the smartest move you can make, to the so-called smaller sins, like walking away from that piece of cake you shouldn’t eat, your feet and the direction of your body can play important parts in how you live your life and how your put your behavior to the test.

Walk away.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I think walking away is the preventative medicine for much of the world’s ills.  If only countries could walk away from their disputes with one another, we might have fewer wars.  If politicians could walk away from political bribes and the chance to elevate themselves instead of the people they serve, wow!  I can only imagine how much better our country would be instead of mired in shutdowns and stalemates and arguments and every kind of petty behavior that makes us look like two year olds in the midst of a tantrum.  Everywhere I look I see examples of the inability to walk away, to the detriment of those involved.

So again, short and sweet: walk away.

What do you need to walk away from today?  Start walking.  One step at a time, walk.  Away.


  1. Very nice piece, Rita. Though I haven’t watched Breaking Bad, I certainly relate to your commentary about it. During my years in counseling practice, I was stunned at the inability and/or unwillingness of clients to “walk away.” They knew their behavior was destructive, and they could articulate how making a change would be beneficial. The greatest challenge was helping them discover the motivations and impulses that kept them in destructive behavior. Sometimes co-dependence, sometimes a euphoric high, sometimes the fear of failure or the danger of a new way of being, sometimes undeterminable. I was so frustrated with some of them. For those who chose to use their feet to move in a new direction, they discovered new life and a measure of freedom that God intended. But they were rare indeed.


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