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Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the United States, I feel compelled to write a blog about what I’m thankful for.  It seems like the appropriate thing to do.

This will not be an exhaustive list because if it were, I’d be writing and you’d be reading until next Thanksgiving.  Because one of the realities that I am aware of more and more as each year passes is just how much I do have to be thankful for.  It’s a cliché, I know, but aren’t clichés clichés because behind them lie profound truths?  And this is a profound truth in my life: God has richly blessed me beyond all measure of what I deserve or what I ever thought I would attain.

So here’s my partial list of what those blessings are made up of, not in any particular order of importance:

And as I say that, I am thankful for the most important thing in my life, my relationship with Jesus.  When I think about all the circumstances that went into my coming to meet Him some 45 years ago, it boggles my mind.  Thank you, Lord, for orchestrating my being in the right place at the right time, for meeting the right person who hired me (my dear friend Betty Price, for whom I am still continually thankful) and thenhaving her share for over a year how knowing Jesus could make this young Jewish girl’s life so much better.  Where would I be today without those connections that were divinely appointed?

Then, there’s Michael.  We’re going on 44 years of marriage now.  I am flabbergasted.  Why?  Because it’s a cliché (again), but it really does seem like only recently that we met, dated, fell in love, got engaged and got married.  I can’t remember a lot of particular things in my life – events, people, places – which I’m hoping is quite normal.  But I do remember with clarity the months leading up to Michael’s proposal, and, even more specifically, the night of April 22, 1970, when he asked me to marry him because I asked about Genesis 24 and fulfilled the “sign” he had prayed for on New Year’s Day, 1970.  It all fell into place that night.  And it’s been falling into place ever since.  We’ve had a wonderful life together, and a gal couldn’t ask for a more supportive, encouraging, loving spouse.  How did I get so lucky?  If ever there was a visible sign of grace in my life, Michael is it.  I don’t deserve him, but I’ll take it, I’ll take it!!

Also my two children, Dana and Matt.  When I hear people lamenting what problems they encounter with their adult children, my heart goes out to them.  I, on the other hand, through no fault of my own but because of God’s generosity and blessing, have a daughter and a son beyond compare.  They are loving, funny, warm, and tender.  They are great to be with.  We travel together and enjoy one another’s company.  If they weren’t my children, I would still love being with them, and that’s saying quite a bit.

My daughter did well by bringing into the family a man who is as much a son to me as my son, my son-in-law Ed.  I’ve often said that in my dotage Ed would take care of me as well as or better than my own flesh and blood children.  I mean it, but I hope I don’t have to put it to the test.

I have four great grandchildren, Meg, Olivia, Aidan, and Hannah.  They make me laugh, and I’m doubly blessed to have them living close by.  I know many a grandparent who has to travel far to see their grandchildren.  I don’t have to.  I get to participate in their lives.  I get to watch them grow and change.  I get to babysit a lot.  God is good.

Health.  Wealth.  These are blessings that Michael and I have enjoyed in our lives.  They may not last, but so far, so good.  I trust that if and when they go away, I will have the good sense to continue trusting my God and Lord anyway, knowing that His gifts are never as significant or important as He is personally.  So for today, this day, this moment, thank you, Lord, that I have health, that I have a roof over my head, money in the bank, food in the pantry, and possessions to enjoy and to share with others.  Help to me put them in perspective and use them wisely.  Teach me to steward them well for you.

Friends.  Many friends.  Some long-standing, some new.  I cherish each and every one of them.  They enrich my life and make me a better person.  I am very thankful for them all.

Now don’t laugh, but I am thankful for my two Havanese dogs, Sherlock and Watson, who bring Michael and me much joy.  Sometimes we turn off the television and just watch the dogs frolic, because they are so doggone funny to behold.  Those who are reading this who aren’t dog people will never understand the smile that a pooch can bring to your face.  I’m sorry for you, and I love you anyway.  To those reading this who are dog lovers, you are nodding your head and smiling.  You get it.  Enough said.

I could go on and on.  There is so much more that I’m thankful for.  As I said, you’d be reading a lot longer than the day before Thanksgiving if I continued.

So I’ll stop now, because I encourage you to spend some time making your own list.  It will bring you into Thanksgiving morning with a whole new attitude of gratitude.  And what better morning to experience and extol the blessings of your life than on Thanksgiving morning!!

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