Posted by: ritagone | March 26, 2014

Sorry, I’m Busy!

I forgot to mention last week that I would be in New York City this week with my friend Monique Reidy, and that writing something for this blog would therefore be a bit difficult.  So here I am now, Tuesday night, late East Coast time, but three hours earlier for us because we’re still on West Coast time, with just enough energy left to this day to write a paragraph letting you all know that I won’t be writing something today of any interest for Rita’s Ramblings.

Why?  Because we arrived yesterday (Tuesday) morning, bright and early, after taking the red-eye flight on Jet Blue out of Burbank Airport Monday night.  (Thanks, Matt Warren, for the ride to the airport.)  We slept uncomfortably on the five hour flight, then took a cab to the hotel, which is the old Essex House Hotel, now called the JW Marriott Essex House Hotel, on Central Park South, overlooking, you guessed it, Central Park.  It is freezing cold here, much too cold for these Southern California girls.  Still, we walked and walked after checking in to the hotel and taking a two hour nap.  Oh, but first we had breakfast at Sara Beth’s Restaurant on Central Park South.  Then we walked and walked after our pancakes and waffles breakfast, mainly to explore and to feel better about the many, many calories we had consumed during the meal.

We wound up walking along Fifth Avenue, then turned around and came back to the hotel, and yes, took another two hour nap.  Then we took a cab to the restaurant where we were having a 7 p.m. dinner: Butter, located in the Cassa Hotel, on 45th Street.  Since we were about an hour early, we wound up walking over to Sephora, the playground of adult women who like makeup.  We are adult women who like makeup, so we whiled away the time quite expertly…and expensively, I might add.

get-attachment-1Then off to one of the best dinners either one of us has ever had, at Butter.  They put us at a quiet table near the front of the restaurant; the further back you go, the noisier it gets.  Thank you for that, because we did want to talk.  Best bread ever: a popover for each of us, plus a regular piece of bread that was also exquisite.  The butter was also delicious, as well it should be, given the name of the place.  One pat was plain old butter.  One was flavored with four herbs: chives, tarragon, parsley, and one other that neither Monique or I can remember.  (We had each had a Bloody Mary before the bread arrived.)  The starters were unbelievable: beets with pumpkin seeds for Monique, and artichoke heart with miner’s lettuce, whatever that is, and the best salad dressing I have ever tasted, for me.  But having finished off that Bloody Mary, I forgot to ask if the dressing was available to purchase.  My mistake.  Then the main courses: tortellini for Monique, and a chicken breast cooked moist and tender for me, with brussels sprouts, of all things, and sauteed kale, which was crunchy and perfect.  I couldn’t finish the main course and it was silly to bring it back to the hotel, since I will be binge eating again today.  So I watched with sadness as about a quarter of it disappeared to the trash, where I hope some homeless man or woman finds it and enjoys a meal fit for a king or queen.

Dessert (you have to have dessert, come on) was a piece of yellow cake with thin layers of chocolate, and a frosting of drizzled salted caramel.  Crunchy and delicious.  So rich you could feel your teeth decaying as you took a bite.  Needless to say, we could not finish it.  We thought about asking a few people at tables around us to join us with their forks, but thought better of it at the last moment.  So again, the remnants of the dessert we couldn’t finish went off to the kitchen.  I tell you, if someone is smart, they could make a killing re-selling what customers can’t finish in the main dining area of this restaurant.  Health code laws be damned.

Today we do, of all things, a walking tour called “Everything Chocolate.”  As you can see, we are eating our way through New York City.

The only saving grace is that we are forcing ourselves to walk — even in the cold — after we eat gargantuan meals.  We know we are fooling ourselves, but then, we are on vacation.

And this is why the Rita’s Ramblings for today is so short.  First of all, I’m on vacation.  Secondly, I’m in sugar shock.


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