Posted by: ritagone | April 30, 2014

A Bit of a Medical Issue…

This morning I go in for my annual MRI to check up on my benign brain tumor, otherwise known as a meningioma. It’s not everyone who can say they have a brain tumor and smile about it, but I can, at least right now. Talk to me a few hours from now, and maybe I’ll be singing a different tune.

One thing I will say for having a brain tumor: it keeps you aware of your mortality. You realize all too seriously that life is tenuous and can change from good to bad at any given moment. That there is a thin thread hanging between you and bad news.

So I try to appreciate the tumor for this. I also realize that it has never given me a moment’s trouble in terms of symptoms; the only reason I know it’s there is because a new neurologist years ago who was treating my migraines insisted on a CAT scan when I started with him in order to rule out anything serious to be causing my headaches. Lo and behold, he detected this mass in the right upper quadrant of my head and determined quite quickly that it was benign. It was then, of course, that I assaulted the Internet and discovered that many people have these masses and tumors throughout their bodies but often don’t know about them unless and until they have MRIs or CAT scans for something else and then they are discovered. Or until and unless the tumor starts innocently pressing against something like an optic nerve and causing sight problems, which did happen to a friend’s husband, necessitating immediate surgery to remove the tumor, benign or otherwise.

But mine is symptom-less and so far harmless. It is relatively small and in a location that would cause tremors in my left hand as the first symptom…which hasn’t happened yet. Over a year ago I underwent a procedure called the gamma knife which is focused radiation in the hopes that this would shrink the tumor over a long period of time, and the MRI today is another check-up to see if that procedure has worked toward that effect.

So I’m hoping for good news, that the meningioma has indeed shrunk since the radiation, that it is still harmless and will continue to be symptomless, and that my life will be unaffected by it. That it will remain merely parlor conversation at best.

Meanwhile, there’s work to be done.

So this is probably the last time you’ll hear me talking or writing about the brain tumor, except to give you the all-clear once I get it from the neurosurgeon myself.

But don’t say that I haven’t shared my innermost concerns and situations with you, dear reader!!!


  1. Dear Rita ~

    What a blessing that God has kept your mind so focused, in spite of this benign invader. It is evidenced by the quality and depth of your teaching as you minister to all of us in The Connection. I am reminded of how God lets the light shine through us, even whe the enemy tries to set up a smoke screen!! You are in my prayers today. Martha

  2. Thanks for sharing Rita and keep on smiling for all of us 🙂

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