Posted by: ritagone | May 14, 2014

CA Updates!


There’s so much happening around Christian Associates these days it’s making my head spin. All good stuff, very exciting, lots of comings and goings, people moving and shaking. This is all as it should be in God’s Kingdom, and I’d love to share some of the happenings with you today.

Last weekend, for example, Michael and I were privileged to host Wes and Cindy White and their daughter Elena from Glasgow’s Mosaic church plant. They had come to attend the graduation of their daughter Lauren from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, and along with that event, they prepared a beautiful musical concert Friday night, which was performed at Emmanuel Presbyterian Church. Cindy played the piano exquisitely, as she always does, and Wes, Lauren, and Elena sang. Wes talked a bit about how music impacts life spiritually. They were aided by Ed and Dana Rouse, who sang and played the piano too. Everyone who attended was blessed beyond measure.

Meanwhile, in Ft. Worth, Texas, we have just recently signed a Covenant of Partnership agreement with The Field, an exciting church plant that has such a similar DNA to ours that we couldn’t help but be drawn to them and they to us. CA President Dudley Callison has been brokering this partnership for several months now, and we’re excited about the future and what that is going to bring forth. Yea, God!!

We’ve just firmed up bringing on board Dee Walker as our new Training Team Leader.   He will bring with him years of experience and passion for training and developing leaders in the missional movement, and we’re extremely fortunate to welcome him to the CA family. For the next months Dee will concentrate on support raising, so there’s something concrete for you to pray about: that his funding comes in smoothly and surprisingly well!

Along with everything else, we’re in the process of re-designing our investment policy plan to include some new ways to be productive while stimulating growth financially. This is something we’ve not done before, so it’s untried territory, which makes me very excited to navigate this new turf. Stay tuned for further information about this in the next weeks and months!!

Plans are solidifying for the Russian family camp to be held outside Moscow in July, a joint venture with Calvary Community Church in Westlake Village, California. We’ve filled out the online application form for our visas; we need to send in our passports along with pictures and keep that process rolling along. We’re excited that Senior Pastor Shawn Thornton from Calvary and his wife Lesli will be joining Michael, myself, Dudley Callison and his oldest daughter Molly, and Michael Katzenberger and his bride Vanessa on this exciting venture. Please pray that President Putin and the U.S. government don’t get into a shouting match between now and July 13, when we’re due to leave. Well, maybe I should have you pray also that things remain cool and calm from July 14 when we land in Moscow until July 24 when we leave Russia! Seriously, I’m excited about the couples and their children who will attend this family camp and the lives that will be changed and enriched for Jesus Christ. Pray that God will prepare their hearts even now, two months away from the start of the conference. This is an event so exciting and unusual for these families in Russia that I can only imagine the anticipation two months ahead of time as they begin to pray and prepare for what will happen in July.

The current CA Board of Directors is shaping up to be one of the best teams around. Everyone is pitching in, everyone is excited, and all are looking for ways to connect with some aspect of the ministry of CA. It’s an exciting group to be a part of, and I love working with this group.

All of this to say: Christian Associates is on the move! And we’re on the move because the God we serve is on the move. It’s exciting to be a part of God’s Kingdom work. If you’ve read through this post, it means you have some connection with CA too, and that you care. Thank you for that. Thank you for praying along with us that God will continue to use the people of Christian Associates to push His Kingdom further and further out to the furthest corners of the world, embracing everyone who comes within our reach as we do so with love and grace and warmth.

And thanks for letting me share the excitement that is spilling over in my heart for what’s happening in our midst right now.


  1. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm for Christ and His Kingdom! You have always been a fantastic role model.

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