Posted by: ritagone | May 13, 2015

15 Worthy Resolutions From Some Great Thinkers:

list of resolutions on blackboard with three blank, numbered sticky notes


I came across this list in Brain Pickers Weekly, a fascinating newsletter I subscribe to that comes every Sunday morning via email and is filled with interesting articles and factoids about writers, artists, celebrities, and some people I’ve never heard of but who I’d like to know by the time I’ve read the issue.

Like the list below, there are names I know immediately, like Thoreau and Ben Franklin, of course, but then there are others that the BPW people have deemed “great thinkers” for whatever reason(s) which I don’t know because I don’t know these people, like Carol Dweck and Alan Watts. But that’s okay. I’ll take it on faith that they are great thinkers, or at least that they have something to contribute to whatever the article is about.

How would you add #16 to this list? What would you put down? Something to think about…which might qualify YOU to be one of the great thinkers too!




15 Worthy Resolutions from Some Great Thinkers:

Thoreau: Walk and Be More Present

Virginia Woolf: Keep a Diary

Seneca: Make Your Life Wide Rather Than Long

Anna Deavere Smith: Define Yourself

Alan Watts: Break Free From Your Ego

Carol Dweck: Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Benjamin Franklin: Turn Haters Into Fans

Hannah Arendt: Think Rather Than Know

Anne Lamott: Let Go of Perfectionism

Carl Sagan: Master Critical Thinking

Rebecca Solnit: Get Lost To Find Yourself

Bruce Lee: Be Like Water

Maya Angelou: Choose Courage Over Cynicism

Emerson: Cultivate True Friendship

Eleanor Roosevelt: Live By Your Own Standards

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