Posted by: ritagone | July 8, 2015


July 3, 2015, we had a great evening. Wes and Cindy White (CA missionaries located in Glasgow, Scotland) were here in our home performidroppedImage-690x281ng classical music along with our daughter Dana and Mary Kay Altizer (accompanying her at the piano) and Wes’ sister Pippa at the cello. It was a wonderful evening of music and celebration with a few select friends as the appreciative audience.

Michael and I went to bed around 11 p.m. Nothing out of the ordinary.

I woke up in an ambulance with EMTs asking me a bunch of questions about myself. Apparently I had had a seizure earlier and woke up screaming loud enough to wake up Pippa in our guest bedroom, who heard the screams and came running over across the house to our room. Michael said I was scrunched up, incoherent and definitely not in full possession of my faculties.

There’s something very disconcerting about waking up in an ambulance and having no memory of the few hours that went before. They took great care of me in the emergency room of Los Robles Regional Hospital, with cat scans and other tests to verify that I was okay.

They sent me home with further instructions and restrictions: no driving, new meds, and hopefully no more seizures.

I’ve been taking it easy ever since, trying to recover my equilibrium and get my energy level back. We’re leaving on Saturday for our family vacation at our condo in Idaho, so I want to be feeling better before we go. Plus on the 23rd of July Michael and I and our two oldest granddaughters are going to Prague for Christian Associates’ Summit and Connect conferences, and the last thing I want then is to be under the weather. A few days in London, a few days in Glasgow, and five days in Ireland round out our trip, so I’m expecting and praying to be at full speed.

You know, you never realize how important your health is until it is jeopardized. So if you’re feeling good today, thank God for those feelings. If you’re under the weather, please go to the proper doctors to get it taken care of. You truly only have one life to live, and feeling punk is no fun, from personal experience.





  1. Must have been very scary. We dealt with this with Joey and it was never easy. Hope that it responds to meds and everything goes back to “normal”. Said a prayer for you and hope you make it to Prague. We have very dear missionary friends there and hopefully they will be attending the CA gathering.

  2. Rita, you will be in my prayers. Thanks for reminding us to give thanks today and every day for the gift of good health and life itself. Praying that you’ll adjust to the meds and be strong, confident and feeling great for these upcoming trips.

  3. Praying for you. Miss you all.

    Tina xx

  4. So so so sad this has happened You are always in our prayers. VJ

  5. Oh man… scary I bet! I’m glad things tested out ok. I’m going to try calling you tomorrow! Praying for you!

  6. Dear Rita ,like you once wrote to me.I am praying that that you may experience God’s peaceful and comforting arms around you.
    Love Caroline Habnit

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