Posted by: ritagone | August 19, 2015

I’m Baaack…sort of!!

Trying to get back into the swing of things after almost three weeks in Europe, being jet-lagged, catching up with snail mail, email, and phone calls, just getting sea legs back again.

The trip was wonderful, almost flawless, no health incidents, great fun with our two oldest granddaughters, who loved the trip and have memorable memories in place now, no major catastrophes (or minor ones, for that matter), two fantastic conferences outside of Prague with my CA “peeps,” reminding me over and over again why I love these people so much.

And time in London, time in Glasgow, and time at Ashford Castle in County Mayo, which is now our favorite place on this planet. What’s not to like? It’s a castle!!! Google it and you’ll see why we’re in love with this place.

Because my head and heart are overflowing with information and insights and memories and experiences, I thought it might be best to gradually slide back into Rita’s Ramblings bit by bit, so today I’m going to share with you one of Seth Godin’s blogs, which I store up for just such an occasion as this. So enjoy what Seth has to say to you, and I’ll be back next Wednesday, writing from Post Falls, Idaho, where Michael and I are taking a vacation to recover from our vacation!!!


Fired up by Seth Godin

A friend was in a meeting with a few colleagues when my latest book came up.

One person said, “After I finished it, I was all fired up, and I felt like quitting my job to go do something amazing.”

The other one said, “seth_godinThat’s funny. After I finished it, I was all fired up and I couldn’t wait to come to work to do something amazing.”

Fired up isn’t something you can count on, but it’s certainly possibly to create a job, an opportunity and a series of inputs and feedback that makes it more likely that people get that way.

And fired up sometimes drives people to do amazing work with you, especially if you’ve built a job description and an organization that can take that energy and turn it into work that matters.

Give people (give yourself) projects that can take all the magic and energy and enthusiasm they want to give.



  1. Glad you had a wonderful trip! Looking forward to your future “ramblings”!

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