Posted by: ritagone | September 9, 2015




Have you ever noticed how much of life is made up of contrasts?

We’ve jucontrast-photographyst spent two weeks at our vacation condo in Post Falls, Idaho, which can be one of the quietest places I’ve been to. But these last days were filled with workmen hammering and yelling and machinery beeping, as window trim repairs were being done. So when the workmen were around, it was noisy, but when they left for the day, the stillness crept back in and all was as it should be, the place we go to to retreat and be still and quiet.

On the two plane rides home to Southern California yesterday, we flew from Spokane, Washington, the closest airport to our Idaho place, to Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport. Spokane’s airport is quiet, a bit rural looking, nothing fancy, but it gets the job done quite efficiently. What would you expect of Las Vegas’ airport? The minute you walk off the plane into the terminal, there are bright lights, gambling machines, lots of hustle and bustle. Contrasts.

Most flights we take or time we spend waiting in airports are forgettable, with nothing (thank goodness!) happening out of the ordinary. Yesterday evening, while waiting for our flight from Vegas to Burbank, I realized that my email had been hacked, as I started getting questioning emails from people who had received a strange email from “me.” Even now I am responding to emails from friends around the world – people in my contact list in my email account – asking whether or not they should open this strange message. Contrast the benign waiting for a flight to the effort to answer quickly those who are wondering whether or not they have been sent a virus!


What are the contrasts in your life today? How will you deal with them, and what do they mean for you?

Just a little something to think about at the end of a very luxuriously slow and quiet two weeks, back in the fray now with lots going on. Yes, another amazing contrast in life.


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