Posted by: ritagone | January 6, 2016

Something to Think About…

imagesHere’s a short posting from one of my favorite bloggers, Seth Godin, written by him a few weeks ago.  I re-post him quite often when I think he has something profound to say. When he out-profounds me! Oh, how I need to be reminded of the truths of this posting of his over and over again, and I’ll wager you do too.

I believe this falls into the “count your blessings” category. Which I don’t do often enough, and which I would like to get better at in 2016, starting here and now.





Two hundred years ago, we had great-great-greats who lived in the dark, without much in the way of healthcare, commerce or opportunity.

Today, we complain that the MRI was chilly, or that the wi fi on the transatlantic plane wasn’t fast enough or that there’s nothing new going on at the mall.

It’s human nature to recalibrate. But maybe it’s worth fighting that off, for an hour or even a day.

The world around us is uneven, unfair and yes, absolutely, over-the-top amazing.

Boring is an attitude, not the truth.

Possibility is where you decide it is.


  1. AMEN

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