Posted by: ritagone | February 3, 2016

Help Me Out Here, Seth!

Another great Seth Godin blog, this one written 4/9/15.

You know, sometimes you just need a substitute for your weekly blog, and this is one of those times. I have been a bit slammed in the last few weeks, what with teaching and a few other responsibilities, and last Thursday everything kind of came to a nice, welcome screeching halt.

Over the weekend, I stayed in “soft clothes,” as my friend Judy calls them, no makeup, barely got out of my comfortable chair in my office, watched some recorded TV shows and a few movies, read, and generally became a slug.

I needed it.

And so I make no excuses (although that’s what the above sounds like, doesn’t it?), because that sluggishness is still lingering a bit today. So I’ll let Seth Godin speak for me today, and I’ll be more revved up next week.  It’s a short but pithy blog, just enough to stimulate your thinking as it did mine.




Enthusiasm and contempt are both self-fulfilling

Someone who shows up with enthusiasm made a decision before she even encountered what was going on. The same thing is true for the guy who scowls with contempt before the customer opens his mouth.

It’s a choice.

This choice is contagious.

This choice changes what will happen next.

This choice is at the heart of what it takes to be successful at making change or performing a service.


  1. Love this Rita! Thank you for being you and so authentic.

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