Posted by: ritagone | May 4, 2016

“How Deep Is The Mud?”

One of the nice things about Facebook is that we can “borrow” postings from other people that appeal to us for one reason or another and hopefully not get sued. Aren’t they public property if they’re posted on Facebook?

I hope so. Bewp-1461453298146cause the poster above is one that a friend of mine posted and I fell in love with. First, because it’s two dogs, and I’m a sucker for dog photos, or anything about dogs, for that matter. Second, because of the message in the photo: Mud is mud. If walked in, it makes all of us muddy. There is no way you can walk into the mud and not get some part of you muddy. But depending on where the mud hits you, that’s how muddy you get.

In other words, mud is mud, but we all deal with it differently. In the poster, mud stands for the bad stuff of life, big and small. While some people grin and bear it, others complain constantly. Have you noticed that difference in the people around you? Which kind of mud traveler are you? I fear that most of the time I’m the little guy in the picture, chest deep in the mud and letting everyone know about it. I’d rather be the big guy who is in the mud, all right, but only a bit past his ankles. I want to accept the challenge of this poster and allow it to sink into my soul and thus change my life.

There’s a gal in my womens’ Bible study at church who is dealing with some kind of mud with capital letters: MUD. She has two kinds of cancer, both of which are terminal. Lots of chemo. Doctor’s visits all the time, often several times a week. She’s tired all the time, as you can well imagine. Most mornings she doesn’t want to get out of bed, put her makeup on and get dressed, as you can also imagine.

Yet she comes to the Bible study as often as she can, when she’s not knocked into the mud flat on her back and when she can wade through it, because more than anything she wants to be among praying women and hear a good lesson taught and just have the community of her friends.

When I think of the times that I think, “Gee, my toenail hurts, so maybe I’ll stay home,” I hope I remember this friend and get out of my own personal mud pool and pick myself up and move. In the right direction. I hope watching others move through their own mud will inspire me to underplay mine.

Whatever mud you’re walking through right now, do whatever you can to keep it ankle deep rather than chest-deep. There is lots you can do to keep the mud level low rather than high. Watch those who have become adept at doing this, and then ask God for guidance and strength so that you can do the same.




  1. Another good blog. How was yesterday? We are at the airport waiting to board.

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  2. Great timing for this blog. Thanks

    April Brandes Talk/text. 949.562.8899


    • Good. Glad you liked it and that it served a purpose for you.

  3. “A picture speaks a thousand words”, but then, a few more choice words of wisdom can bring deeper perspective. Thank you, Rita, for sharing that perspective! Deep, yet not too deep 😉

  4. Good message for me. Lord, help me resist complaining instead of being filled with graditude.

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