Posted by: ritagone | December 7, 2016

Following Jesus into 2017

We’re drawing to the end of this year, forming and shaping what 2017 will look and feel like in many small and perhaps bigger ways. As for me, I’d surely like to walk more closely to Jesus than I have done this year. Isn’t that always a goal we followers of Jesus info_mhbuzlshould have?

Here’s another of those incredible devotionals in my Celtic devotional daily prayer book for 2016. Right now I’m looking through some selections to see what I want to do as my early morning quiet time for 2017. I know I won’t read through the Bible in a year as I did this year, because I can only do that once every few years. I have a book of prayers written by Peter Marshall, who was the Senate chaplain a few decades ago, and a man whose writings have always inspired me. I don’t know yet what I’ll land on.

What are you doing for your quiet time meditation material? I hope you’re doing something that springboards you into the day ready to meet whatever may happen.

Meanwhile, chew on and enjoy this very short but provocative devotional which I loved:




“It is a terrible risk to follow even a Friend into the unknown. It is made worse by the fact that He so often seems to disappear or go ahead instead of staying close by.

         The instructions He gives us should make it so much easier to continue on the journey: but what instructions?

         *”Don’t provide extra for yourself in case I let you down.”

         *”Don’t worry what to say.”

         *”I will be there when you need Me, even if it’s only at the last moment.”


         Instructions like these leave us incredibly vulnerable, but they are only examples of what He really is asking from us: that we choose intentionally, deliberately to make ourselves vulnerable and to walk in that vulnerability!”


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