Posted by: ritagone | December 14, 2016

Monsters and Giants


here-there-be-monsters-09-700x394            I’m finishijollygreengiantblueearthmn2006-05-20ng up my reading for this year in the book Celtic Daily Prayer, and perhaps because it’s coming to an end, I’m savoring it even more than at the beginning or middle of the year. It is rich in material that makes me stop and think about my life, my current situation and my future.

Here’s this morning’s reading, which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did. I’m still mulling over the triggers that activate my irrational fears and the monsters I deal with every day. I pray you will do the same. It’s always good to face these things head on rather than deny them or bury our heads in the sand. And besides, who has sand enough nearby to do this? So read on, think on, and be blessed.



     “Each of us has triggers that activate irrational fears, psychological monsters that seem overpowering to us but which probably would be no problem to someone else.

         It may be a temptation to do the right thing the wrong way, or a lie thrown in our path by the enemy that anyone else would laugh at for its foolishness.

         The common denominator is the same – it is a giant bigger than our own courage, and it comes out when we’re alone. All of us have monsters of some kind, nightmares from our past or from our subconscious, unwelcome ‘visitors.’

         But it was the Spirit who drove Jesus into the desert, God who instructed the Israelites to subdue and drive out the giants, and He is bigger than any giant or monster the enemy may resuscitate or invent.

         Sometimes He’d rather the nightmares appeared and came out into the light to be recognized for what they are, and be robbed of their power to surprise us.”


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