Posted by: ritagone | March 8, 2017

For the Lonely


I’m going to keep sharing these Peter Marshall prayers that I’m reading in the mornings as long as they are pertinent and I feel that they are helping us to navigate whatever waters we’re moving through.

And boy! This one really does that! See if you don’t agree with me.



  For The Lonely


Lord Jesus, Thou hast walked earth’s trails; Thou knowest the nostalgia of human life. Thou who hast been alone in the wilderness, bless now the members of the fraternity of loneliness.

To all who are bewildered, homesick, or ready to desert their post, give new courage. May they hear in the portals of their own souls the bugle call announcing the arrival of reinforcements.

May the friendship of Jesus of Nazareth be made known to them. May they find a welcome in this company of God’s people. Wilt Thou guide and inspire them. Keep them from the mean and the low. Point them ever to the uplands of fellowship with Thee.

Transform for them their homesickness into new endeavors. Enable them to translate the affection of the heart into a new zest for living.

Direct our hearts that we may all be kindly affectioned one to another, abounding in love and sympathy, keeping back the unkind word, checking the hasty judgment, in all things being gentle and full of compassion in a world of hate. So may we walk softly before Thee and deal gently with one another, through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.



Several things strike me about this prayer: first, it starts out as a prayer for others, for the lost and lonely, and then, in that beautiful last paragraph, it turns on itself, asking that “we” may be kind and loving toward others in a world of hate. So even back in Peter Marshall’s day, decades ago, more than half a century away, he perceived his surroundings as a world filled with animosity and judgment. We don’t hold a monopoly on negativity and bitterness, which I think is helpful to contemplate today in a weird sort of way. And there is to me much solace in the fact that a prayer prayed then is just as vital, comforting and necessary as a prayer prayed this morning.

So read it and savor it and perhaps read it a few more times; let it sink in and bathe your soul and your heart. It will do you good, I’m sure, as it did and continues to do me good.

And that can’t be bad.



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