Posted by: ritagone | May 3, 2017

Another Peter Marshall Prayer

Here’s another wonderful Peter Marshall prayer for your enjoyment and spiritual benefit. It’s called “For World-neighborliness,” and it is much needed today, when nations are puffing up against one another and war seems imminent, causing fear and concern constantly. This prayer reminds me that always mankind stands on the brink of disaster because of his own waywardness, and without God’s grace and mercy and guidance, we’re fools. Help us to follow the dictates of Marshall’s beautiful words each and every day!



“Our Father, with so much bitterness abroad in the world – this poor bleeding world, stumbling from blunder to blunder, hollow with graves, hard with hate – may we who own the name of Christ, shed abroad Thy love.

We pray for a broader vision of the needs of all mankind, and a deeper compassion to fill those needs; for a planting of the seeds of concern for all humanity in our hearts; for a tapping of the wells of generosity.

Help us to live together as people who have been forgiven a great debt.

Help us to be gentle, walking softly with one another.

Help us to be understanding, lest we shall add to the world’s sorrow or cause to flow one needless tear.

Help us to stand for what is right, not because it may yield dividends later, but because it is right now.

Help us to be as anxious that the rights of others shall be recognized as we are that our own shall be established.

Help us to be as eager to forgive others as we are to seek forgiveness.

Help us to know no barriers of creed or race, that our love may be like Thine – a love that sees all men as Thy children and our brothers.


God, help us all to be ministers of mercy and ambassadors of kindness for Jesus’ sake. Amen.


  1. Wow, what a wonderful prayer!!!

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