Posted by: ritagone | May 31, 2017

What a Weekend!!!




Memorial Day weekend 2017 was certainly memorable in the Warren household.  Let me tell you about it, but briefly.  And yes, there will be a bit of bragging, so forgive me ahead of time.

Sunday Michael was honored to have been asked by our dear friend and pastor of Ecclesia Hollywood, Jon Ritner, to come speak and share his story of how God led his career in the television business for about 30 years (Michael’s story, not Jon’s).  His career tale was interspersed with a remarkably connected biblical story of Naaman out of 2 Kings chapter 5, about expectations and how we need to let God direct us rather than following or pushing our own expectations about life.  Our whole family was there: both of our kids and all four grandkids, and that was special beyond words.  It’s always glorious when your kids and grandkids get to hear more of Papa’s past than they’ve heard before to fill in the blanks of his interesting life.  Plus attending were a bunch of friends who we love and who came to hear Michael talk because they love him.  What an honor!!  And – to frost the cake – lunch with two of our favorite people afterwards: Alan and Deb Hirsch!!  What a perfect morning!

And then, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it did!

Michael had been asked to baptize two dear friends who belong to our Wednesday evening small group: Stella and Orville.  So the spa in our backyard had been heated, food was brought in (mostly by Stella herself and her daughter Colleen), and about 25 people gathered round to witness these two give testimony as to why they wanted to be baptized.  The smiles on the faces of the people watching – friends and family – were broad and long-lasting.  What a thrilling event to be a part of!  After the baptismal ceremony, people sat around in small groups eating and chatting, just sharing life.  To me, this i

s the best kind of social happening; I love that God can use our home and our backyard and a sun-filled, warm Southern California day like this and that we can be even a small part of it.

I can’t remember a day when I went to bed as happy and as filled with joy.  How wonderful to see the hand of God both in the church and the baptismal service, and what a privilege to have my husband be a part of both events.  If I had had buttons on m

y blouse, they would have popped.

Monday we had our kids and grandkids and some dear friends over, another joyful day filled with laughter and conversation and good food.

It just do

esn’t get any better than a weekend like this.

Thank you, Lord, for Sunday and Monday and for the memories.  When or if  I begin to doubt your goodness, tap me on the shoulder, hit m

e over the head, but remind me of this weekend and how spectacular, how special it was, and how You made it so.  That should be enough, truly, to help me remember, that Memorial weekend that You blessed so many of us with such joy and so many things to be grateful for.

How about you?  What were you grateful for this past Memorial Day weekend?  Don’t let the weekend fade away without being aware of those things and thanking God for them.


  1. Wow! It sounds like one of those gifts that come about rarely. I am so glad for you. Is Michael’s talk recorded? He is one of the world’s best storytellers. Telling his own is something I would carve time out to listen to. Peace to you, Rita. I miss you and Michael.

    • Hi, Rob. So good to hear from you! Yes, Michael’s talk was put into a podcast from Ecclesia, so if you download their app, you can go to their podcasts and find it for May 28. Let me know what you think. We haven’t been up to Post Falls recently but are trying to get up there in the fall some time. I’ll let you know. We have a trip to NYC in June and one to Ireland in July. Hope you’re all doing well. Love, Rita

  2. Rita, I just listened to Michael’s talk. Wow! He is so gifted. I was utterly captivated.

    Just so you know, though I haven’t communicated a whole lot, I hold both you and Michael in my heart with great fondness. I look forward to the next time we can enjoy time together. Be well, my friend! Rob

  3. Thank you for sharing. I’m going to look up the podcast as I have never heard Michael teach.
    Bless you guys.

    • Please thank Michael for his message, it is one that most people can appreciate from their own experiences. I certainly did. In fact I have a friend that needs this message right now in his life, so I will pass it along.
      Thanks again for sharing.

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