Posted by: ritagone | July 5, 2017

More About New York

On my recent trip to New York City, among other adventures (and there were many), I got to hear Tim Keller preach at one of his Redeemer

 Presbyterian Church campuses on a Sunday morning.  As it turns out, it was his last sermon scheduled into the rotation; from now on, I assume he will be speaking occasionally but doing other ministry instead.  So that compounded the pleasure of hearing him, knowing that it was probably going to be a rarer phenomenon from then on.

What a gifted communicator he is!  And what a privilege to sit there and listen to him expound about God’s Word! There’s still a smile on my face when I think about it.

Another “adventure” was with my second oldest granddaughter, Olivia, on the last night of our time together in the city.  We had tickets to the fascinatingly titled musical “Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812,” starring Josh Groban, who was making his Broadway debut.  Now, I’ve been a Josh Groban fan for a long time and have heard him in concert, own several CD’s of his musical history, and particularly love him in the concert version of “Chess,” which is perhaps also my all-time favorite musical theater show.  So I had been looking forward to seeing him – wearing his fat suit and all – in this lavish production based on 70 pages out of Tolstoy’s “War and Peace,” of all things.  As a special treat, I had gotten tickets which placed Olivia and myself on the stage, where the orchestra pit would normally be, in a clever arrangement of seats that made you feel like you were in a nightclub and put you within literal spitting distance of the performers themselves.  (In the picture here, Olivia and I would be sitting in the two seats across from the piano player, facing him.)

In fact, Josh Groban did spit on us while he was singing.

It was an honor.

Performers would pull out stools hidden from sight and sit next to audience members who were at tables and chairs instead of theater seats.  Food was handed out, as were plastic eggs with beads inside for noisemakers, so we were in effect part of the orchestra for one or two songs. (We got to keep the percussion instrument, so that’s sitting on my desk right now as I write this.)  It was the most immersive, interactive theater experience I’ve ever known, and a wonderful evening, a great way to end our time in New York City before flying home the next day.

All in all, New York did not disappoint.  It never does.  Spending time with my granddaughter was also a joy.

Now Michael and I are ready to embark on our next adventure: we’re off to Ireland!!!  One of our favorite countries, we’re landing in Dublin, spending a few days exploring there, taking a train to Killarney, then driving a rental car (on the wrong side of the road, which means Michael drives and I constantly remind that we’re on the wrong side of the road) to Ashford Castle, where we spent a few days a few years ago and realized that we needed – yes, needed! – to go back.  A place of serenity and luxury and beauty unmatched by anything I’ve known in my lifetime, I had to spend a few days there again before I die.  This is a dream and a wish come true.

So my bag is almost packed (carry on, because I hate waiting for luggage at the carousel), my to do lists are almost all checked off, and I’m ready to go.  The dogs know something is up, but they’ll be fine, because May is staying with them, and she takes them for walks, which we don’t.  So when we leave them in her care, I think they prefer her to us and turn their canine noses up at us when we return.  If they could speak, I think they’d say, “You came back!  Why?”

I’ve got replacement blogs for the next two weeks, so watch for those and pray that the technology doesn’t get the better of me, that they drop into place the way they’re supposed to, as I think I’ve set them up to.

And meanwhile, you take care of yourself, dear reader.

I hope your life is an adventure too, wherever you are and whatever you’re up to.

And when I come back in a few weeks, what stories I will have to share with you!!


  1. Bon Voyage !! I can’t wait to hear more about your trip to Ireland and look forward to being in the ” last leg ” of your next NYC trip. See you there! Safe Travels.
    Rita and Rich

  2. Oh to hear Tim Keller in person….maybe even better than Josh Groban?
    Lucky you. Enjoy Ireland…we were just there and LOVED it.

  3. Well, that was a fun blog post! TK and JG in NYC-that’s special! I’m glad to have seen your Ireland tips as I’m hoping to go visit Grace at Oxford this fall and take a side trip to the land of green! Love you guys!

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