Posted by: ritagone | September 6, 2017

Peter Marshall Prays For Us Still

Here’s yet another from my wonderful readings this year of Peter Marshall’s prayers as Chaplain for the Senate in the late 1940’s.  This is a prayer prayed and written 70 years ago.  And yet, when you read this prayer from seven decades past, it’s so appropriate to our situation today, isn’t it? 

People don’t change.  Situations don’t change.  Nations don’t often change in their relationships to one another.  Therefore what someone prayed many years ago is as necessary and vital as it is today.

So read it and pray it for our world today.  That’s what I’ve done.


Thursday, May 27, 1948



Lord Jesus, as Thou dost move among people and see what men are doing today, how sore must be Thy heart.


Thou whose head was cradled in straw must often reflect that straw was not as coarse as man’s selfishness.


Thou whose hands were spread upon a Cross and fastened with nails must often reflect that nails were never so sharp as man’s ingratitude.

Hear us as we pray for this poor blundering world, in which the nations never seem to learn how to live as brothers.  They resort again and again to methods that produce only more bitter tears, methods that only add to misery and subtract nothing from problems.


Heal them that need healing, make strong the wavering, guide the perplexed, befriend the lonely, give new faith and courage to those whose spirits are low.


Lift up our heads, put a new light in our eyes and a new song in our hearts, and we will do better and be better for the sake of Thy love.  Amen.


  1. Yes, Rita, a fitting prayer and yet ending with hope. Thank you!

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