Posted by: ritagone | October 4, 2017

Hold Life with Open Hands

What happened in Las Vegas over last weekend has been written about by many.  I don’t think I can add anything to those reports that is of any value.  My heart is breaking for the people who have died, and for those who are still injured and recovering.

I think of those who got up that morning believing it was just another day in their lives, but a sweet day because they were going to a concert they were looking forward to.  Many had traveled, spent quite a bit of energy and money to make it happen.  It was a big deal.

Little did they know it was their last day on earth.

I got an email yesterday from a dear friend telling me that his oldest son had died this past Sunday morning in a car accident.  That’s all I know.  No details.  But we are shocked and grieving along with this family that we love so dearly.


Again, someone got up with plans for the day, never imagining that his life would be over that day. Or that their lives would never be the same, losing a child.

I’m reminded of James 4:14: “Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow.  You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.” (NASB) These words are so true!  None of us knows what today will bring, if it will lead on to tomorrow or if it will be the last day on earth for us.

Once again I’m committed – at least mentally – to holding my life and my things and my family with open hands, knowing that they can vanish at any moment.  Surely that should make it easier to deal with them?  Surely that should keep me from clinging, from holding on too tightly and believing that I therefore have control over them?

For me, the fewer people and the fewer things I hold tightly to my chest, the better.  And even opening myself up to the understanding that every day I’m breathing and alive has the potential to be my last needs to be considered a good thing, not scary, not frightening, but solid and legitimate, like a walkway along a cliff, is a good thing, even though it’s terrifying to look down.

Please, God, make it a good thing, and a better thing, each day that you give me.

And I pray for those who are dealing with sudden loss in their lives, of loved ones who were here today and then suddenly taken from them.  I don’t pretend to know what that’s like, but God, You do. Comfort them with Your all-knowing love and grace.  We are all so ill-equipped to do so; we need You to go ahead of us and mend the way.



  1. Said so beautifully, Rita.

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