Posted by: ritagone | October 11, 2017

Something To Think About…

As always, I’m struck by another Peter Marshall prayer out of his book of prayers that I’m reading through this season in my early morning devotions.  Read it and see if it blesses you as it has me, especially in these times when everyone seems to be self-centered and kind of crazy-making!:

Monday, May 24, 1948


“Our Father in heaven, today we pray for Thy gift of contentment, that we may not waste our time desiring more, but learn to use and enjoy what we have.


We may not know everything, but we may know Thee and Thy will.  We need not be rich to be generous, nor have all wisdom to be understanding.  Our influence may not be great, but it can be good.  Our speech may not be eloquent, but it can be truthful and sincere.  We cannot all have good looks, but we can have good conscience, and having that, we shall have peace of mind and need fear no man.


May we be kind one to another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another, even as Thou, for Christ’s sake, hast forgiven us.  Amen.”


  1. So beautifully said.

    April Brandes Talk/text. 949.562.8899


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