Posted by: ritagone | November 15, 2017

A Wedding, Many Memories


This past week we went to the beautiful wedding of the daughter of friends.  We have such a long history with these friends, although, strangely, we don’t have much relationship with the daughter who got married or her sister. She was that much younger than our kids that our paths didn’t cross often when our two were growing up or when she and her sister were doing so. But there was still lots of inter-connectedness, which I find fascinating.  For example, the sister of the bride now works with my son-in-law.  The groom’s father took out my husband’s appendix a few year’s ago.  Many of the guests used to attend the same small local church, so it was like old-home week, greeting and catching up with one another.

In the top five Strengths of StrengthFinders I have Connectedness, so I love to see the web of history and family and job and church and whatever that connects people together.  So going to a wedding like this is a field day for me, a constant joy of recognition of someone you haven’t seen for years, perhaps, and talking about what he or she has been doing, what they’ve been up to, travels, kids being born, grandkids, accomplishments, sorrows, all of life covered in a few short minutes before you move on to the next revelation of connectedness (usually dragging Husband behind me).  I love it all; he, not so much.

This was a particularly beautiful setting at a local country club on a day that would rival a setting in heaven: trees full and lush and seemingly misplaced from a New England landscape, an outdoor terrace, the perfect temperature (it is Southern California in mid-November, after all), and a ceremony so beautiful in its writing and vision that I wish it could be published for others to copy.

After this gorgeous, perfect, flawless ceremony, people were free to mill around and visit with one another before dinner was served, the perfect opportunity to say hello to old friends, people we hadn’t seen in many years, catch up and fill in the blanks.  Again, I love this kind of time, those connections, those moments that make you realize just how much people mean to you, even people you haven’t seen or talked to for a long time.


Then we were asked to go inside for the incredible dinner and program for the evening.

We sat at Table #15 with four other couples, but it was especially fun to be at the same table with one of the couples because of a long and meaningful history with them.  He knows our kids from their youth and poured into them for many years, and it paid off.  She and her family are part of the rich heritage of our church, and I see her wonderful mother every week at my womens’ Bible study.  Another of the couples shares a Broadway musical love with me in particular, and so it’s always fun to spend an evening talking about which plays we’ve seen or want to see.  The food was great, the fellowship was even better, and it was a constant stream of saying hello and greeting people, hugs, laughter: the kind of evening that happens only rarely, unfortunately. A magical evening that I won’t forget soon.

What you share with people around you is so important, the history, the connections, the love.  This was brought home to me so strongly Saturday at this wedding.  It made me want to remember every person in my life, and what I share with them.


As I get older and older, I’m more and more aware of these connections, and I cherish them more and more.  They are, after all, the web of life, what makes substance of every day, what gives history and meaning to what has passed.  And better than television are the memories that we can call up when we re-live the experiences we had on a Saturday afternoon at a gorgeous wedding!!!

You’ve had experiences like this too.

Make sure you remember them and treasure them too.



  1. Rita, I love to read your “Ramblings”.They’re all so true to life and have so much meaning to me.
    Thanks for keeping me in your “loop”. Love you. Your East Coast buddy.

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