Posted by: ritagone | March 21, 2018

Rain Delay

It’s a dreary, rainy day today, and I’m making a commitment:

I’m going to do as little as possible today.

Oh, I have plenty I should be doing.

But I won’t be doing it today.

Instead, I’m going to turn the switch on the gas fireplace in my office, curl up in my comfy chair with my down blanket, sip my cup of Chai tea latte, and read.  And read.  And read some more.

Because that’s the kind of day it is.

As you can tell, I have very little to say in this week’s Rita’s Ramblings.  Please forgive me.  I think you’ll survive without my words of wisdom.  In fact, I know you will.

But I need a true day of rest, a break, and a day to stop all activity and motion.  I know you’ll understand, and I’d do the same for you were you to ask me.

So if it’s raining where you are – or even if it’s not – and you have the opportunity, take some time today to curl up and read a good book.  Relax. Take a deep breath.  The world will keep on spinning, nations will still yell and scream at one another, all the offenses we commit against each other will continue.  But you and I will have a time out.

See you next week.

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