Posted by: ritagone | April 11, 2018

Movie Favorites

I’m almost done reading “The Reflective Life” by Ken Gire for my morning devotional time.  It has inspired and challenged me.

In keeping with the overall theme of this book, I want to do something reflective and simple this week:

What’s your favorite movie…and why?  What makes it so special for you (in a few sentences)?  You don’t have to send me the answer; just write it out for yourself.  And then, as a treat, re-visit watching that movie some time soon.

For me, it’s the movie “Avalon,” made in 1990, written and directed by Barry Levinson, who also made “Rain Man” and “The Natural,” it tells in almost allegorical form the story of his family’s immigration from Eastern Europe to Baltimore, Maryland and the area of that city called Avalon.  It’s the intimate story of family, how generations co-existed, how television disrupted dinnertime and life in general, and how suburbia changed everything.

In many ways it’s the story of my family, and I love it.  I laugh, I cry, I say some of the lines along with the characters.  Its nostalgia beats in my own heart, and I understand its meaning completely.

And yes, I’m going to go watch it later today.

Now tell me about your movie.

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