Posted by: ritagone | April 18, 2018

A Hope Deferred

My daily devotions in Timothy and Kathy Keller’s book “God’s Wisdom for Navigating Life” are proving to be quite fruitful and a blessing in so many ways.  I’m sharing with you one of the many daily insights they present to light our path. 

HOPE.  At the core of the human heart are not just emotions but hopes – things we look to and trust in to make us happy.  When something we long for is deferred or delayed, we become heart-sick.

It is wisdom to recognize that the condition of deferred hopes is one that can never be fully remedied in this life.  The book of Hebrews likens the whole Christian life to the period when the Israelites had been delivered from slavery but were not yet in the Promised Land (Hebrews 11:13-14). The second clause of 13:12 is saying that when our longings are fulfilled, life flourishes briefly, as it did back in paradise, where we had access to the Tree of Life (Genesis 2:9). But the New Testament tells us we will know full satisfaction only in the new heavens and new earth (Revelation 22:2), which will be ours not through our efforts but through the work of Jesus Christ.  As we have seen, his cross became a tree of death for him so that we could have the tree of life by faith.  We face disappointment now by reminding ourselves of what is to come, guaranteed by Christ’s sacrifice.


Do an honest assessment – what are your greatest hopes? Are they being “deferred”? How can you use the spiritual resources you have to help your heartsickness?


Prayer: Lord, I often am indeed heartsick because of deferred hopes. Help me strengthen my heart in two ways. Remind me through your Word that we are in the wilderness, not in the Promised Land. And make yourself my most cherished hope – because I can have you now! Amen.

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