Posted by: ritagone | July 4, 2018

Sometimes It’s the Little Things…

We got a new clock (pictured here) a week ago.

No big deal…and yet.  It has in reality changed our lives in some very small but significant (and yes, funny) ways.

My “old” clock was one I had seen in a hotel room in New York City last year and thought was very cool.  Battery operated, it only lit up if you reached across the night table and tapped a button on the top of it to make it do so.  Otherwise, at night, you couldn’t tell the time on it. The only problem: for me, that meant it was hardly ever lit up.  Which meant I could hardly ever see the time on it.  Which meant I would have to kind of elevate myself on one elbow and look over Michael’s sleeping head and shoulders to see the lit up clock on his night table.  Kind of stupid.

Still, I did this for the better part of a year.

And then, I got fed up.

        And went on a search on the Amazon for a clock of me own. (Sounding like a pirate here.)

And found the clock pictured here.  It came in all different frame and letter and number colors, but I chose black background with white letters.  I think it’s actually made for the benefit of Alzheimer’s patients, those who are having trouble remembering the day of the week and date and even the time of day or night.  It was so easy to read that I didn’t even need it on my night table; I plugged it in on my dresser, about three feet away from the bed, and could see everything on it perfectly.

Two mornings later, I noticed Michael was unplugging his electric clock and putting it in his night table cabinet.  “I don’t need it,” he said. “I can see yours just fine.”  He meant it as a compliment.

And we were both happy, not the kind of happy about winning the lottery, but happy for having made a purchase that changed our lives in a small but enjoyable way.

We showed everyone who came over our new clock.  I even suspect that purchases were made on the Amazon of that same clock, maybe in different colors, but with the same clarity of message in mind.

No doubt about it: we were bedroom clock trendsetters.  Okay, make that I was the bedroom clock trendsetter.

I honestly do love this $40 purchase.  Every night when I get in bed, every time I wake up (don’t ask me how many times) during the night, in the morning when I’m up for good, I look at it and I’m excited to know the day, the date, and the precise time.  Who wouldn’t be?

Back in the ‘50’s there was a popular song sung by Kitty Kallen called “Little Things Mean a Lot.”  I’m humming that song right now, because it is so, so true.

What’s a little thing in your life recently that means a lot to you?  Share it with someone today.


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