Posted by: ritagone | November 7, 2018

And We’re Off!!!!

This is my last post in Rita’s Ramblings for a week, as tomorrow Michael and I leave on an adventure – our first trip to the Holy Land!  It’s called Not Your Grandmother’s Holy Land Tour – an intriguing title to begin with, which should give you some idea as to the nature of the adventure.  Our friend Brian Newman leads it along with Elias, a friend of his, and we’re looking forward to about a week of walking, hiking, climbing, talking, mostly listening, and mainly being where the Saviour lived and moved and existed for his 33 years in a human body. And then some.  Places to see that we have only read about in Scripture, places that will I’m sure come alive in a unique and different way than they ever have before.  Those who have traveled to Israel before us have all verified that it is indeed a life-changing trip, something to be savored and enjoyed every minute of every day.

I’m planning on posting photographs along the way, if I can remember to take my phone (iPhone 10S with great camera capabilities, so I can only take excellent photos) out of my backpack and use it.

I’m also planning on absorbing every second of this trip, because it will most likely be a one-and-only for us.

So wish us well, pray for us if you think about it, and I’ll be back, God willing, writing a deliciously interesting Rita’s Ramblings on November 21, one day before Thanksgiving, with much to be thankful for.


  1. I’m excited to hear about your trip. I will be waiting for texts and to see photos on Facebook and Instagram.

    Hope Michael’s kidney stone passed and both of you are feeling tiptop.

    Boy, so many of our friends are falling apart. I’m sure you heard about Harriett falling. She texted that she is OK. Also Charlie hooker is going downhill fast. I feel for Trinette.

    We have been going non stop seeing a lot of shows. We toured College of the Ozarks. Very impressive. All students work on campus and come out debt free.

    It’s beautiful back here. I’ll send a couple of photos. It’s sure been cold though. Tonight it will get down to 38.

    We fly home on Friday. Keep in touch and we will see you when you get back.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Have a wonderful trip Rita and Michael xo. Be safe.

  3. Wow!! Have a great time and of course I will be thinking of you AND praying!!

  4. Bon voyage–can’t wait to see pics along with your memorable musings!

  5. Much grace and joy for you and Michael. Going with Brian should be a great adventure and plus!

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