Posted by: ritagone | January 9, 2019

Call Me Grumpy

I admit to being grumpy.  In fact, I think I’m getting more grumpy as I get older.  Things tick me off, more than they used to.  I often think I should have been a film-TV critic, someone who gets paid to be critical and grumpy; that would be perfectly in line with my current continual grumpiness.

I’ll give you a good example: “Madam Secretary.”  I used to enjoy this CBS show starring Tia Leoni and Tim Daly, two actors I have always appreciated, a show that was created by Barbara Hall, a lady who has similar spiritual values to mine, I believe.  Michael and I have followed this series since its inception four years ago, and we have admired the high moral ground it has always followed.

Until recently, it has been entertaining.

I say “until recently” because as I was watching the most current episode, I realized – and got grumpier and grumpier while watching it – that it was no longer entertainment but had become propaganda, as so many television programs (and movies) have done recently, since the election of 2016, when everyone, it seems, feels the necessity to let everyone else know that they have the moral high ground even when the Oval Office does not.

“Madam Secretary” does everything but stop short and have its actors deliver lines directly into the camera to prove the points they are trying to make, points that are always noble and altruistic and ones that only an idiot (of course) would disagree with.

So I wasn’t entertained.  Not at all.  I just was grumpy.

Same thing with watching the Golden Globes Awards ceremony.  Why can’t everyone just be entertaining and forget that they are not the bringers of truth and justice to the television viewing audience, who obviously, they feel, wouldn’t know truth and justice unless they were handed to them by celebrities who “get it” deeply and purely?  Except you and I know that this is not always the case; in fact, it’s almost never the case, so I get grumpier and grumpier as I watch the awards ceremonies turn into propaganda programs instead of the entertaining shows they are meant to be.  Everyone gets so sanctimonious as they deliver “sermons” that they each think will make them look superior to everyone else because they, yes, they have the moral high ground that everyone else seems lacking.  You see, I’m getting irritated and grumpy already, just writing this.

Yes, I know, just stop watching TV and seeing movies that take these positions.  I get it.

But hey, if they have a right to spout their platitudes, don’t I have a right to watch and be grumpy?

What I also object to, as long as I’m on a soapbox, is that there’s a lot of hypocrisy floating around when people rant and rave about how immoral and bad everyone else is, then praise characters – either real or make believe – that are extremely flawed.  I’m all for artistic integrity and creative license; I don’t expect every movie to be honey-sweet and about characters that are pure and flawless.  That would be boring and unwatchable, the worst of Hallmark made-for-TV movies.  I’d be the first to turn that kind of endeavor off.  But what I object to – what makes me grumpy – is idolizing the subjects of those films that are artistically well done.  For example, if you read legitimate biographies about Freddie Mercury, the distraught, disturbed leader of the rock group Queen and the subject of the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody,” you will discover that he was not a nice man.  He was often mean spirited and treated people less than kindly most of the time.  So why do we bow to him as if he were a god and worship at a shrine that he doesn’t deserve?  He may have been a talented musician, but let’s stop there.  We can watch a well-made movie about Adolf Hitler without idolizing the man about whom the movie is made.

This  is yet another example of what makes me grumpy.

And so, you can see, much is making me grumpy lately.  And that’s my problem, no one else’s.  I can’t lay it off on the entertainment business or anything or anyone else.  It’s on me, mine to change, mine to cope with, mine to repent of.

And so I have another early New Year’s resolution kind of question for you, and this one may be a little strange, but it’s applicable to what I’ve been sharing here: what makes you grumpy?  And what grumpiness do you need to repent of?  I would say to ask those around you, but that may be risky business.  Do it at your own peril.  But at least let’s be honest with ourselves and evaluate our grumpiness at the beginning of 2019 and see what we can do to change to make ourselves more likeable to ourselves and others around us, no matter what’s going on.  It’s not about the Oval Office or current laws or who’s doing what where.

It’s really pretty basic: How far away from being like Jesus am I?  Because I don’t think Jesus was ever too grumpy, was He?



  1. What makes me grumpy?
    An aging, hurting body. Politics. Cold weather. AntiAmericans. Selfish drivers.
    People talking loud on their cell phones in public. Rap music. Robocalls.
    Running out of cream for my coffee. A new recipe that turns out yukky.
    However, I have a remedy for grumpiness—my husband. I need to remain cheerful (or quiet) for the sake of his emotional well being and my own. It’s a good fail-safe along with my gratitude journal.
    Oh, yeah—I can also retire to my own space and just sleep it off.😄

  2. Oh my gosh this is so timely Bill was just saying and I was thinking he’s been so grumpy lately and when I called him on it he agreed! Then I see this post that’s so funny!! Anyhow I think he’s less grumpy the last few days as he became more aware of it thank you so much for your honesty loved it! Jana

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