Posted by: ritagone | January 23, 2019

Call Me Sucker!


I realize more and more that I’m a sucker for the ads on Facebook.

So far this year I’ve bought a bracelet (which promptly fell apart), a bra guaranteed to be the most comfortable piece of clothing which you’ll ever wear, and which felt slightly less comfortable than a suit of armor when I tried to put it on (unsuccessfully), and a hand-held vacuum which supposedly gets into the hard to vacuum places like drawers and keyboards but which I failed to realize requires a real vacuum on the end of it to work.  (I thought it was self-contained, and so I marveled at the genius of it.  So much so that I bought one for my son and one for my daughter. Yes, I bought three.  Two of them are still sitting here at my house; one is still in the original box.  I literally can’t give them away.  I am out about $60 for that stupidity.)  I’ve also bought a few other items which I won’t share with you, because I think I’ve successfully made my point.

I know that Facebook knows full well that putting ads on its website is going to garner customers, because, come on, otherwise why are they doing it?  And I’m one of those customers, apparently, who sees something and can’t resist.  Everything looks absolutely wonderful when I see the little boxed ad in my post feed, and I must have it.

But when it finally comes to my house and I unwrap it, it’s never – well, almost never – as wonderful as it appeared in the ad.  It didn’t change my life and make me smarter, more beautiful, younger, sexier, cooler, or whatever else it was promising.  The shoes from Brazil are not that comfortable.  The pillow guaranteed to give me the best night’s sleep I’ve ever had.  Nope.  Fail.

So I’m looking to join a support group called Suckers Anonymous, even as I know that writing this means I’m not anonymous anymore. I admit I need help.

And isn’t that the first step toward recovery?

So here I am, posting this on Facebook, and while I’m here….



  1. haha! love it. My downfall are the ADORABLE t-shirts that are posted. They are NEVER soft and they NEVER fit right–how off can it be? (So off.) I join you in your SA group . . . .

  2. I just love you, Rita! Thanks for the chuckle!

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