Posted by: ritagone | July 3, 2019

I Like Food!!!


Since Sunday I have been doing a 5-day fast which I purchased at my doctor’s office after my yearly physical last week.  (You might be wondering what you have to purchase in order to do a fast? Well, it’s not a complete fast but one where you eat soups that are reconstituted with water, kale crackers, bars, special tea bags, and a strange liquid that makes water into various flavors.)  It’s not only for weight loss but to kick your cells into some kind of rejuvenation, and I thought to myself, “I need a little rejuvenation, so why not try it?”

The first hurdle was to find five days in a row where nothing was happening: no lunch or dinner dates, no social life at all.  Fortunately my family – minus my husband, that is – were all going up to Idaho for (another) family vacation, so I knew they wouldn’t be asking for breakfast or lunch or dinner dates.  It was also a time on the calendar when my friends seemed to all disappear, so I figured I’d better take advantage of it and make these five days the fasting ones.

I am a creature of habit, particularly when it comes to eating.  I get a food in my sights, and it becomes my best friend.  Sometimes that’s good (I lose weight) and sometimes it’s bad (yes, you guessed it).  Lately, for the last few months, food has not been my friend where the scales are concerned.  My mouth has loved what I’ve been eating; unfortunately my waist has not.  Hence, the fast.

Now, being someone who likes to eat the same yummy things day in and day out, changing to eating…well, sawdust (the bars) and mush (the soups) has not been a pleasant change.  I do like the green olives.  They are, indeed, green olives; all you have to do is put them in the fridge and eat them when green olives are on your schedule.  I actually can tolerate the tea too.  It’s pretty difficult to ruin a good cuppa.  But if you told me that this box of foodstuffs was going to be my diet for the rest of my life, I suppose I’d ask you to let me just die of starvation instead.  I don’t like it at all.

I haven’t heard a positive word from any of my cells. They are not seemingly any happier than when I was eating the foods that were causing my jeans to be tighter than they should be.  I do keep glancing at the calendar wondering how fast Friday can possibly come around.

Maybe it’s a delayed reaction.

Yes, that’s it!  Friday morning, when the “fast” is over, I’m going to feel terrific, I’m going to be a new person, lighter, sharper, more tuned in to the world around me, every cell alive and throbbing with vitality!!

If that’s the case, I could conceivably do this again in a month or so….

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