Posted by: ritagone | August 14, 2019

What You See Is Not Always What You Get!

I have followed the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black” from its beginning seven seasons ago to its ending recently.  Although I can’t fully recommend this womens’ prison series that is supposedly a comedy, because it is filled with bad language and much sexual content, there are often such moments of tenderness and warmth that I actually weep with recognition of the human condition.  So there’s that.

One recurring character since the first season was Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren – no relation!! – played by Uzo Aduba, who does a remarkable job of portraying a woman who has mental health issues while being completely relatable and vulnerable in her honesty and humanity.  In fact, I found her to be one of the characters I liked watching the most during the entire stretch of the series.

But never in my wildest imaginings would I have thought that this actress was capable of singing both opera and Broadway show tunes with the best of them!  Not until I saw a very short piece on “The View,” where she was guest-starring, and her hosts cajoled her into singing a bit of “O Mio Bambino,” a very familiar opera piece, whereupon I had to lift my jaw up from my lap.  Then, it was YouTube time, where I found, to my continuing amazement, that Uzo Aduba had a score of videos where she was singing solos and duets of many wonderful show tunes (including one of my favorites, “Lily’s Eyes,” from The Secret Garden), looking stunningly gorgeous and belting the song effortlessly.

Cut back to OITNB, where Aduba has won two Emmys for her performance as Suzanne.  You would never in a million years say that these are the same person, the same performer, the same artist.

And yes, there’s a message, a point here: what you see is not always what is there.  You can’t judge a book by its cover.  Proverbs and clichés to that effect.  In other words, if all you had to judge Uzo Aduba by was her performance on the Netflix series, how unbalanced would that slant be?  You would see her as a wild woman, ranting and raving, wide-eyed, hysterical, a sad prison inmate.  You would miss completely this self-contained, articulate, talented vocal phenomenon who hopefully will have a very long career both in acting and in the musical world now that OITNB is over.

Where else have you and I failed to see something or someone below the surface?  I shudder to think of the many times this must happen in my life, my normal day, but I can’t tell you about those occurrences because I don’t know about them; they’re gone, and I missed them forever.

So one of my prayers today – for you and for me – is that God would open up the eyes of our hearts to help us see below and beneath the surface of faces and events, to the reality that beats to or sings a different song.

And, because I don’t know how to capture videos for this blog, I’m hoping you’ll go to YouTube and put in Uzo Aduba singing to see her talents in this area as well as her acting chops on OITNB.  You will be blessed, I promise you, and you’ll see the reality of what I’m saying here.  You’ll “get it.”  Believe me, you’ll get it.


  1. Thanks for letting me know. We watched the first and part of the second season and were just ” turned off “. I’ll go on Utube and watch it.

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