Posted by: ritagone | November 27, 2019

Thankful For…(Fill in the Blank)

I spent yesterday

morning at my grandchildrens’ school celebrating Grandparents’ Day, an annual occurrence where grandparents are invited and honored, served a light breakfast, spend about an hour watching and listening to a program that consists of very touching and endearing speeches and some amazing music – instrumental and vocal – to entertain

and amaze (with much of the vocal music put together by my talented son-in-law, Ed Rouse, I might proudly add).

Then, after lunch is served where you can eat with your grandkids (without their parents, which is a great deal of fun and not often occurring), you go off to classes with one or several of the kids, hoping that in your family you have enough grandparents to cover the grandkids. I got to see some dear friends, also there as grandparents to their own grandkids, catch up a bit with them, and enjoyed the day for that also.

At the end of the school day, I came away tired but entirely thrilled with my senior granddaughter Olivia’s classes, teachers, classmates (who politely looked me in the eye, introduced themselves to me and shook my hand, no less), and so proud of Olivia that had I had buttons on my blouse, they would have been bursting.

With Thanksgiving looming, it made me want to stop and give thanks to God for my four grandchildren, among so many other things that I know I often take for granted.  If ever there was a time that we can and should reflect on the blessings we have from God, it’s Thanksgiving.

So this is short and sweet: an admonishment to take time this Thanksgiving, if you’re cooking, setting the table, planning the games or festivities, whatever tasks loom before you in the next 48 hours, that you stop and take a minute or two to ponder the gifts in your life that God has given you, thank Him for them, and fill in the blank of the sentence in the title of this particular post:  I am thankful for …..


  1. Rita, It sounded like you had a wonderful day!
    I am thankful for so much in my life…I look around me every day in amazement and thank God for first of all, waking up!!. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family. Laugh, eat and play games…LOL.
    Love to you all XO

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