Posted by: ritagone | December 11, 2019


I watched (for free, thanks to Michael’s Writer’s Guild screeners) Clint Eastwood’s “Richard Jewell” the other day, based on the true story of the man (Jewell) wrongly accused of planting the bomb at the 1996 Olympic park in Atlanta, killing 2 and injuring dozens of others.  Jewell was a security guard at the park that night who had had aspirations of becoming a police officer, and an ill-advised and overly ambitious newspaper reporter wound up naming him before the FBI and other authorities had any evidence at all against him.

It’s a chilling movie in many ways, least of which is how frightening it can be when the media and the government in the form of the FBI and other departments of the law are so eager to build a case that they create evidence where there is none, build a bank of accusations where none exist, and literally railroad an innocent man into a guilty position.

So in this movie, the print media in the form of the newspaper which jumped the gun and the FBI were the villains, and I could feel my blood boil as I watched them operate against this man who had done nothing criminally wrong.

And then I realized that if I were watching a different movie, there would be a different villain: perhaps the judiciary, or the police, or whatever.

Another perspective on perspective: watching a movie (I get a lot of my insights watching movies or tv shows, I realize) filmed in London, a dark and tense murder mystery, I noticed how the cinematography made that city look scary and off-putting.  I wondered that anyone would want to walk its streets or explore it, or even visit it on a vacation, given that it looked so bleak and foreboding.  Same thing with a different movie set in New York City: another crime drama, which necessitated lots of fog and dark scenes, and which meant that, if I were seeing the Big Apple through the eyes of this film and had never visited it, I would probably pick Des Moines as a travel destination instead.  However, pick another film that was a comedy set in New York, with lots of sunshine and great lighting, I’d be packing my bags to get to my holiday time near Times Square.

Perspective is everything.

Where is my perspective – and yours – in need of a tune-up?  Where do we need to see that how we look at things is often flexible and dependent on the lens through which we look?

The only reliable perspective we need is through the eyes of Jesus, who is always fair, kind, gracious, and righteous.


  1. Merry Christmas Rita! Are you on Letterboxd? I’d like to follow your movie reviews.

  2. No, Robin, I’m not. I just do “movie reviews” occasionally when a film strikes me worth commenting on. I don’t consider myself a reviewer. It’s just fun to say something. My husband Michael says it’s because I have an opinion on everything!
    Hope you’re doing well. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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